We All Need A Get Away—Down The Block

Posted: 19th April 2021 08:11

Health and wellness retreats are in high demand. After the unprecedented year, weve had, its no wonder that this trend is continuing. Were seeking serenity, dreaming of harmony, and ready for healthy spa experiences.
Health and Wellness Is Booming
Even before COVID-19, health and wellness were transforming the face of travel. Industry experts tracking this trend, estimate that health and wellness tourism will shortly be valued at one trillion dollars.
This trend for health and wellness travel is within a larger context of global wellness, valued at over $4.75 trillion.
The global corporate wellness market is estimated to reach $66 billion in 2022.
Organizations know this is good for employees and good for business. Well-designed wellness programs offer a return on investment of 1.5-3 times the amount spent, over 2-9 years.
By 2022, the spa market is predicted to be worth $154.6 billion markets. 
Creating Peace of Mind
With COVID-19, many retreat settings paused operations to restructure for safety. It took careful analysis and planning to prepare for a comprehensive response and create peace of mind for clients.
Using all the precautions advised by the CDC, most resorts are now fully enabled to provide services while protecting the health and safety of clients.
If youve been holding back from going to or hosting a health-and-wellness retreat, now is the time to recognize that hotels, resorts, and spas have been doing their due diligence. It may be that you can reconsider and update your plans. With all the efforts and precautions, your health retreat could be just around the corner. 
The luxury tourist industry is known for taking careful and specific precautions. Top brands know that their exacting clients require peace of mind, rooted in diligent practice. 
Many clients want a checklist to evaluate facilities for safety and peace of mind. 
Here are 17 measures that can help your clients feel genuinely comfortable. Use this checklist as a blueprint to evaluate a facility, retreat, or vacation destination.
General Guidelines
• Professional cleaning protocols
• Contactless check-in
• Flexible booking and cancellation policies
• Fast COVID Management strategies
• Longer-term bookings for fewer turnovers
• Mandatory online pre-screening
• Removal of high-frequency touch-points
Corporate Policies
• Prominent messaging on COVID-prevention
• CEO statement on health and safety
• All personnel wearing masks
• Specialty cleaning protocols
• Actively supporting 6-foot distance between people
Guest Guidelines
• Clear protocols for hygiene and ventilation
• Restricted spaces for socializing
• Providing extra cleaning supplies
• Offering in-room and private dining
• Creating isolated settings for guests
Understanding Your Customers Priorities
In addition to providing peace of mind and safety, successful businesses are using data to understand their clients needs, preferences, and priorities. If youve been functioning in the dark, now is the time to consider upgrading your technology.
Using relevant and timely data is key to being successful at master data management. With real-time insights about your customers, you can do more than just survive.You can thrive and stay competitive. 
Its a whole new world at your fingertips when you can access critical data, and rely on its accuracy to make smart decisions. With accurate data in hand, you are in the best position to make strategic decisions. Youll know exactly how to showcase your brand, property, and offerings. 
Making Your Branding To Take-Home
In addition to going to luxury destinations, many travelers want to take the experience home. They are eager to extend the wellness experience to their home environments. This can include the desire to create an in-home spa, gift offering, or group event. 
If youre looking for ways to make your branding stand out from the crowd, consider what your customers would like to not only have on-site but also take home. Many companies are supporting this desire with subscriptions, and virtual programs. 
To get noticed by your target audience, analyze your customer data for emerging trends. This may help you develop new products, solutions, services, and partnerships. By thinking outside of the norm, you will be on the cutting edge and stand out in the minds of your target audience.
Final Thoughts
After being in quarantine, lockdown, and working from home, many people around the world are ready for adventure and travel. If youre making your brand matter, investigate how you can connect your offerings to stand out in your field.