What businesses must have in place to allow people to work there

Posted: 9th February 2017 09:47

Health should be one of the top priorities for any new company. In order to start successfully hiring good quality employees and producing, at the very least, reasonable outcomes, your employees need to have an environment in which their health is not at risk. So, here are a few things that are necessary for a business to have before hiring employees:

Keep Dry

In order to ensure that your property isn’t under threat of mould or rot you need to have your place of work inspected for any traces of damp. Condensation control is incredibly important in a workplace where people spend most of their workday indoors. Damp caused by condensation can cause all kinds of rot, mould and fungus which can be dangerous to anyone with respiratory difficulties or a particularly weak immune system. So, you need to have your work place properly insulated and ventilated. In order to protect the entirety of your property you should look enquire about a damp proofing survey from a trusted company and consult an expert about damp proofing options. Companies that offer ideal cleaning can give advice that will help prevent damp in long term.

Stay Clean

Another fundamental health and safety requirement in a workplace is hygiene. It’s a basic right for employees to have access to clean water and toilet facilities that are safe to use and poor hygiene around an equipment heavy environment can have horrific consequences. Any toilets in your workplace should be regularly cleaned and in full working order and there should be no hazardous products or equipment near it. In your workspace surfaces should be clean and floors should be free from litter. If you were to work around wood cutting tools, for example, a slip or a fall caused by a mess can result in life threatening injure if not death. Keeping the equipment clean is also important to prevent any accidents while using it or dangerous malfunctions.

Be Spacious

Space is also something every company needs before they could even consider hiring more, or any, employees. Each person is entitled to a minimum of roughly 11 cubic meters, although this may differ depending on your geographic location and the health and safety laws. People need enough space to work comfortably and to use any equipment that’s necessary to their job.

Manage Temperature

If you intend for your employees to inhabit your workplace for long periods of time, you need to ensure that they are comfortable to a certain extent. This includes appropriate temperature management. Environments that are too hot or too cold can pose serious health risks as well as be dangerous for certain types of equipment. Assess the health risks associated with the temperatures inside of your workplace. For warm temperatures you should have your property properly ventilated as well as a means of allowing fresh air into the building. For cold buildings, insulation, sealing around windows and doors, and available warm drinks are some options that can improve your employees’ working conditions.


Finally, light is vital to any kind of work place. Light should be sufficient enough for employees to move about safely and areas that require additional light, such as work benches or desks, should have access to it. While natural light is preferred, artificial light can be used to boost light levels. If windows are available, use them.