What makes the perfect office chair?

Posted: 30th August 2018 11:45

With so many office chairs available these days, there’s no need to settle for second best when you’re looking for new models for your workspace. If you’re keen to find the ideal seating solutions, keep reading. Here are three key features of the perfect office chair.
It looks the part
Style needn’t play second fiddle to function when it comes to workplace chairs. There’s now an array of designs to choose from ranging from classical to ultra-modern, and from understated to bold and eye-catching. Simply browse specialist websites such as Furniture At Work to see the eclectic range of chairs on offer. Perhaps elegant executive leather models would complement your office décor, or maybe you’d prefer designer mesh seats with a more quirky, contemporary look.
Think carefully about colour too. For seating that blends into the background, classic hues such as black, dark blue and grey tend to work well, while if you want to make a style statement, brighter colours such as zesty green, fire truck red or sunset orange could be ideal.
It’s comfortable and practical to use
Because we spend so much time in them, office chairs have to be supremely comfortable to use. So, when you’re hunting for the best models, make sure you pay attention to their practical features. It’s best to go for designs with backs shaped to offer high levels of lumbar support, and ideally your chairs should feature luxuriously padded seats with waterfall fronts. Consider choosing models with height adjustability and back tilt too. This will give users maximum flexibility. Depending on the needs of your workers, you might want to opt for chairs with fixed or adjustable arms as well.
By focusing on details like these, you can help to promote employee wellbeing and minimise the risk that people will suffer neck and back problems at work.
It’s on budget
It’s easy to overspend when you’re trying to find the best possible office chairs, but with some savvy shopping, there’s no need to bust your budget. By searching the web, you’ll find competitively priced models that offer impressive value for money. So, before you commit to splashing your cash, make sure you’ve done your research and can be confident you’re getting a good deal.
By taking tips like these into consideration, you won’t struggle to find the perfect office chairs. If you’d like further inspiration, you can check out Furniture At Work’s ‘My chair: get the celebrity look in your office’ infographic.