What Should You Ask When You Interview Business Attorneys?

Posted: 8th November 2017 15:30

Choosing a business attorney is a very important decision. You need to be sure that you interview those who will be helpful for your company. If you have no idea what questions to ask during the interview process, here are some important questions to ask according to the highly experienced professionals at McQuarrie.
What Is Your Experience?
You should never be afraid to ask such a direct question because the experience of the lawyer is one important factor to see if you should them hire or not. Stay focused on the specific field experience you are looking for right now. For instance, if you are interested in business incorporation, the attorney should have experience on that field.
How Well Are You Connected?
Not all lawyers know everything. There will be times that they will encounter something that they have no or little knowledge about. It is important that they know experienced lawyers that they can consult on in case this happens. Being well connected is a great help.
Have You Represented Clients Similar To Me?

The best business attorney is someone that is familiar with the legal environment of your industry. If this is not the case, he needs to be willing to learn everything that is needed. Make sure to ask if they have worked with someone who is in the same field as you. However, be sure that the attorney does not represent too many of the competitors you have. Even if everything will be kept secret since confidentiality is vital for lawyers, accidental sensitive information leaks can always happen.
Can You Teach Me?

The attorney has to be completely willing to take all the time that is needed to educate the staff about the business legal environment. It is really important for an attorney to talk to you about the law says and properly explain everything. Choose someone who goes the extra length to explain complicated laws to someone who is not familiar with it.
Is Billing Flexible?
Last but not least, you need to think about how much money you are going to pay. There are many different business attorneys that you can consider hiring at the moment so negotiating fees is much more accessible than in the past. Be sure that you discuss fees and that you try to negotiate with all the business attorneys you consider hiring. This can bring in some pretty good discounts you would love to have.
The bottom line is, ask all the questions that you have. This will help you the most, but the main focus should be on hiring the attorney that is the most experienced and that you can afford.