Why A Last Minute Holiday to America Needs Very Little Planning

Posted: 9th December 2016 14:48

You’re not the only one who wants to get away, in fact we all love to get away. It is very important to escape from time to time and have fun exploring other countries and cultures. At the same time, it can sometimes be rather expensive and stressful to organise a holiday. You can minimise the worry of both by enjoying a last minute holiday, not only can you save money, but they also require very little planning. Here we take a look at how easy it is to visit the United States of America on a whim.


We live in an online, spontaneous culture where we can book and arrange everything from our smartphones or tablets. So as and when you fancy taking a trip to the USA you can book your plane tickets from your phone and have them confirmed within a matter of minutes. There are a number of travel websites that specialise in offering last minute, or spur of the moment bookings making it easy and convenient to find flights, as well as hotels in the area you want to visit.


Once your tickets are booked, you can generally print them off yourself, rather than have to wait for them to be delivered to your house. It’s worth making sure your passport is valid and somewhere easily accessible so you can make a quick getaway. You will also need a Visa to visit the United States, but even that won’t slow you down as you can apply through the Visa waiver program just 72 hours before you are set to due to travel and still be approved. Once your application is successful, you’ll be entitled to stay in the country for up to 90 days.


Travelling on a whim can save you a lot of money in the long run as opposed to booking a holiday in advance. Airline companies never want to have empty seats on any of their scheduled flights, so they will happily sell all remaining seats for a fraction of the cost the day before the flight. Plus, enjoying a last minute holiday allows you to avoid travelling during the kids school holidays, which are always the most expensive time to travel. Most airlines and hotels around the world have two very different rates, one which is exponentially higher during school holidays.

Have An Adventure

Alternatively you could make very little plans at all. As long as you’ve got a valid passport and an approved Visa application, you could make the rest up as you go along. Just book yourself a rental car and take a road trip across the United States. This allows you to explore the country at your own leisure, stopping along the way to take in the sights and photo opportunities. Then, whenever you get tired you can stop at one of the countless motels along the iconic highways. When you feel it’s time to come home again, you can just book a last minute return flight from whichever state you end up in.