Why Accountancy Qualifications Pay Dividends in Your Corporate Career

Posted: 23rd August 2017 14:35

When it comes to choosing what to study, there are loads of options and most of us want to find something that will help us prepare for a good career. This means gaining skills that are always in demand and which can also be transferable if you decide to change careers later. The best professional skill set from this point of view is accountancy.

While there are plenty of skills that can help you find work and that can also be carried over if you want a change in career, including marketing and customer service, having accountancy skills and qualifications can ensure you'll have plenty of career options, and also skills that will help you in lots of other jobs if you change course later on. But why are accountancy skills so valuable?

Every Company Needs an Accountant

One of the main reasons why accountancy qualifications, such as an online master of science in accountancy, can be very valuable in your career, is that almost no businesses can function with an accountant. Every business wants to make savings and be cost effective. They also need to be compliant when it comes to financial laws and tax. These are not skills many entrepreneurs have, and even those who do aren't usually willing to spend the time it takes to manage the company accounts rather than hiring someone else to do the job.

Good Career Prospects

Big corporations have whole departments devoted to accountancy, and with accountancy qualifications from an online MSA program or from a university course, you can forge a career within them and work your way up to roles as prestigious as financial director. A company accountant is usually a role that is well respected by a business and its owners because without accountants the business cannot function, and a good accountant is also someone who saves the company a lot of money. You can expect to be treated well and have a good career ladder you can climb when you embark on a career with accountancy qualifications in your pocket.

Transferable Skills

Another serious benefit to being qualified as an accountant is that the skills you will learn on your online MSA program or at college will be of the kind that you can apply in other fields of work too. If you ever want to do something different, like starting your own business or moving into a different field, your money management knowledge will still be a useful asset and be something you can use to be more effective in just about any other line of work. Accountancy is a specialist field, but because it relates to everything in business, it is one you can diversify from while still getting the benefits of your skills.
If you are thinking about what you want to study and you want a strong corporate career, finance and accountancy can certainly be a choice that will set you up well for whatever you want to do in future.