Why Background Checks are Essential

Posted: 8th October 2019 08:49

It is crucial for the smooth running of a company to hire the right employee for a position. Not only must you find a candidate who has the appropriate qualifications for the job, but they also must have a great personality and integrity to help a business to grow and flourish.

While you might want to trust every member of staff you hire, it is important to delve into their background to gain an understanding of their past performance and ability. Find out why backgrounds are essential during the hiring process.

Review Criminal History

Employers will need to place a great deal of trust in their employees, as they might have access to the company’s finances, sensitive data, and important client accounts. It is, therefore, imperative to conduct either an enhanced or basic DBS check, depending on the role you are advertising.

For example, an enhanced DBS can check a candidate’s:
It can also check if they are on the children/adults’ barred list. If the check comes back clear, you will have peace of mind that you are hiring the best person for a position. For this reason, you should find out more about uCheck background checks to confirm you are hiring the right person for a role at your company.

The Right to Work

Before you officially hire an employee, you are required to check if they are legally allowed to enter a position. A Right to Work check can ultimately verify if a candidate is eligible to work in this country. If you fail to effectively check your employees’ right to work, it is likely you will be fined by the Home Office.

DVLA Checks

If your employees are required to drive a vehicle for work, you must perform a DVLA check. It will confirm they have the appropriate licenses to perform the advertised job. It will also verify that a candidate doesn’t have any penalty points on their licenses, hasn’t committed any offenses, and has the appropriate license to drive a company vehicle.
Review Adverse Credit

If you are worried about workplace fraud or dishonesty, it is imperative to conduct an adverse credit check. It can identify if a candidate has any individual voluntary agreements (IVAs), county court judgements (CCJs), or has filed for bankruptcy. This check is essential for members of staff who will have access to the company’s cash, important accounts, or valuable products.

Confirm Their Identity

The last thing you will want to do is hire an employee who could pose a threat to your business. Hiring the wrong candidate could lead to an employee attempting to access your finances or acquire your business-critical information.

By verifying a candidate’s identity, you could protect your business from fraud. Plus, you will have more confidence when hiring a candidate who will have access to your finances and sensitive data.

So, if you want to protect your business, you must conduct various background checks to safeguard your cash flow, data, and reputation.