Why business signage matters

Posted: 24th January 2020 10:11

All kinds of factors contribute to your running of a successful business. Some are more obvious than others. Take for example business signage. It is unlikely to be on most entrepreneur´s list of important things that will help their business. This is understandable, it is, after all, a small thing, but it is actually surprisingly important.

Virtually every business needs signage

Most company owners do not think they need many signs. That is until they visit, they have a kind of light bulb moment when they see the hundreds of different signs they sell.

Signs fulfill many functions

Initially, this leaves them scratching their heads, wondering why on earth so many signs are needed. But when you think about it, signs fulfill a lot of different functions. They help us to find our way, keep us safe, enable us to work more efficiently and much more besides. Here are just a few examples.

Workplace signage that keeps people safe

Health and safety regulations have created the need for quite a few of these signs. Every business must clearly mark things like fire exits, fire extinguishers and warn of hazards. So, they may need to order a mind you head sign to flag up the fact that a doorway lintel is low.

Signage that improves efficiency

One of the primary functions of signage is to remind people of things. It can even be used to improve efficiency. If you notice that a machine is always going down because a certain task is being neglected, a sign can be used to remind the operators to do it. In this type of situation, the simple act of putting up a reminder sign can end up saving a business a lot of time and money.

Signage that provides guidance

Even guidance signage has the potential to help with productivity. Putting up signs that enable people to find their way around the building will, over the years, save many businesses money. It will greatly reduce the amount of time workers waste simply because they are lost.

Guidance signage is equally important in a retail space. For a customer, not being able to find out which aisle the glue is likely to be in is very frustrating. If they start feeling that they can never find anything in your store, they will soon start shopping elsewhere.

How to get the right signage for your business

As you can see there are plenty of benefits to getting your signage right. So, if it has been a while since you last reviewed yours, it makes sense to do so.

The first step is to audit what you already have. As you do this, think about whether any additional signage would be beneficial. It will only take a few minutes to order what you need.

Once you have everything in place, periodically check that it is clean and legible and that it is still relevant. The list created during your audit can be used for this. You will likely find that this guide will help you to enhance it.