Why Every Company Needs Quality Control

Posted: 16th October 2020 12:47

Quality control is traditionally associated with large manufacturers. When factories started producing huge amounts of products, they needed a way to be able to discern if their manufacturing progress was producing defects. Quality control processes were then devised to test certain products and get an idea of whether they were sending out faulty products to customers. The idea of quality control is one that every business should not only be aware of, but actively embrace as it brings very important benefits.
Quality Awareness
Implementing quality control, whether for a service or a product that your company offers, encourages those responsible for the fulfilment of your customers’ orders to think about how their job impacts the satisfaction of the customer. A business-wide quality awareness typically leads to higher-quality products if employees are engaged with their work.
Impact on Loyalty
By ensuring that your quality is controlled and kept to a certain standard, you will find a lower customer churn as your brand’s quality becomes more trustworthy. Consumers benefit from any quality control action because it increases the value that your business offers them, and therefore introduces a risk if they switch brands.
Reduced Waste
By implementing quality control principles, you will likely reduce the waste involved in either production or service delivery. That’s because you inspect the waste that’s produced at any stage of your business. Identification and examination of the waste that’s produced will allow you to reduce your waste, become more efficient and therefore enjoy higher margins.
Identifying Significant Issues Early
By controlling the quality of your business’s offerings, you get a chance to identify any significant issues before they cause difficulties that are much more expensive. A good example is in the supply chain. You can use a quality management software company to link quality issues with the supply chain and ensure an easier supply chain traceability. This enables you to identify any supply chain issues and switch suppliers before major disruptions cost you significant losses.
Reduced Inspection Costs
Inspection costs can add up, but when your company uses quality control processes, you will find that they cause economies in inspection, therefore reducing inspection costs because you have systems in place that do a lot of the inspectors’ work for them.
Raised Employee Morale
Humans like to work for a reason – they like to take pride in their work (which is one of the reasons that Marx gave for capitalism leading to poorer mental health). When you produce quality products or services and your employees are aware of that quality, they will feel more pride in their achievements, which will boost morale and therefore improve employee flow and productivity.
Greater Marketing Opportunities
Not only does ensuring high-quality products allow you to advertise your quality, it enhances the chance that you will enjoy the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, which is typically very difficult to control. If you excel at delivering quality, people will notice and will recommend you to their friends, co-workers and even non-competitive companies in the same industry.