Why More Social Workers Are Working for Corporate Companies

Posted: 19th October 2016 09:31

When most people think of social work, they think of working in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals or mental health centers, or they may think of working in schools with children and their families. But did you know that a lot of social workers are now working in business environments as well after they have received their masters in social work from schools like Rutgers University? Keep reading to learn more about this growing trend, as you may want to start your own career in this field.

A New Direction for Social Work

The field of social work has changed several times already. For example, it used to be a profession that was focused upon helping individuals who were living in poverty, but it eventually evolved into a sector that was associated with government programs, and then it became one of health-related services and counseling in the non-private sector and in private practice environments. Now a new trend has emerged, and it proves that social workers who are qualified with the help of an MSW online can work in corporate America, too.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that there will be about a 20% increase in social work opportunities by the year 2022. Many of those jobs will be found in the private sector, which is outside of what would normally be considered the environment for social workers.

Why This Shift Is Happening

Employees today expect that the companies that they work for will be socially responsible. And consumers feel the same way because they aren’t looking for a mere service or product anymore; instead, they are also paying more attention than ever to how businesses are contributing to the greater good. People also care about how businesses treat their employees, and communities want corporations to start giving back in a more consistent fashion.

Also, businesses are moving towards horizontal integration and management, so they aren’t putting as much emphasis upon vertical management anymore. Instead, they are placing greater emphasis upon the people on all levels of their company, who are all working towards the same common goals. Human connection and communication, therefore, are essential to success.

How Social Workers Can Help

Put simply, as these developments continue to take hold in companies of all sizes, social workers will be necessary to lead the way. These professionals are trained in communication, conflict resolution, and human behavior. They are also knowledgeable when it comes to organizational structure, diversity, relationship building, and invested listening, and they have a background in mental health services, so they can help those who are suffering from grief, loss, anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse. Therefore, these workers can help employees in business environments in a variety of ways.

Many businesses have already employed social workers and have seen great improvements in the way that their employees feel and the way that they operate with customers each day. This is why more and more social workers are being employed in the corporate environment than ever before.