Why Voice of the Customer Is Crucial to Your Customer Experience

Posted: 18th May 2020 12:50

For the uninitiated, voice of the customer is an important element for those planning on crafting an unparalleled customer experience (CX). It’s a comprehensive procedure that captures the preferences, expectations and dislikes of customers.

Measuring these attributes can, thankfully, be completed in every area of the customer experience process. That means you can analyse the feelings of your customers when they’re online, within your shop, talking on the phone, and so on.

For more information on how it works, turn to a customer experience expert that has a comprehensive voice of the customer guide. Now, however, it’s time to focus on why voice of the customer is crucial to your customer experience.

Service is improved

It goes without saying, admittedly, but a voice of the customer programme will increase the service levels of your business.

You’re using real feedback – both good and bad – to further improve your existing services and overall CX. There’s no guesswork involved. If customers are happy with a certain aspect of your service, keep it up. On the other hand, if they’re disappointed about a part of the CX, you will know about it – and you can fix the issue ASAP.

Increase customer loyalty

By further enhancing the CX, the voice of the customer programme will only improve overall customer satisfaction levels. If you have customers that are thrilled at the service they receive, they’re going to become loyal to your brand.

This is advantageous in two big ways. Firstly, an existing customer costs five times less to keep around compared to attracting a new one. Secondly, they will spread the word about your business, and this type of marketing is priceless for acquiring new prospects.

Brand management

With a direct line of communication between you and your customers, you can easily monitor how your brand is perceived. With this type of insight, you can see if the brand is viewed favourably or not. If it’s the latter, you can quickly spot negative feedback, quell it in a reasonable and considerate manner and improve the public appearance of your business.

Increased marketing efficiency

Thanks to the information you gather from a voice of the customer programme, you can use this to refine and improve your current marketing efforts.

The type of data you will receive includes trends, what customers say about the products and services offered by the competition and, most importantly, the buying patterns of your customers. With a greater understanding of what makes your audience tick, you can focus on their preferences and use more effective marketing tactics. This will not only bring in more sales, but you will inevitably spend less on advertising due to a more centralised approach.

Boost profitability and grow

Ultimately, there’s one result when you add up all of the previous points: your business will start selling more, attract a wider customer base and generate bigger profits. With the voice of the customer programme, you can analyse, refine, improve and grow your business to new heights.