Why Your Trading Platform is Important for Your Stockbroking Success

Posted: 5th April 2016 10:11

An electronic trading platform can be viewed much in the same way as a motor vehicle. Regardless of your driving skills or the quality of petrol you place into the tank, a faulty or out-of-date engine will always fail to transport you to your destination. So, choosing the most modern and efficient trading platform is the ultimate key to your success (1). Let us take a look at some fundamental reasons why this is the case and examine a handful of hallmarks that indicate a worthwhile brokerage firm.

All About Your Access

The ultimate purpose of any platform is to enable you to access the electronic markets at the click of the button. This principle holds just as true for Forex trading as it applies to equities, commodities and treasuries. Should a trade be delayed by even a few seconds, you could stand to lose a great deal of money. This can obviously be very frustrating. Choose only the most streamlined software that can virtually guarantee no downtime. In the same respect, one sure-fire sign of an excellent system is one which provides real-time access via a mobile phone or tablet.

What Are Others Saying?

Another interesting innovation that can be seen in systems such as those offered by CMC Markets is that users now have the ability to see what others may be doing in regards to a specific trade. Otherwise known as client sentiment, this is an invaluable opportunity for those with less experience to appreciate how experts approach specific positions. Social trading tools can make all of the difference between a profitable track record and mediocre levels of performance.

Trading Tools: The Financial "Mortar" to Cement Your Foundation

Stockbroking success will revolve around the tools that are available when you require them the most. Professionals are well aware that intuition and gut feelings alone are hardly enough to ensure a profitable execution. Some worthwhile and highly effective features will therefore include:

These tools are able to provide you with the clarity and insight required to tackle fast-moving positions. Additionally, they are excellent at helping you to hone your existing strategies.

Remote Trading

A growing number of traders are now working away from home or the office. So, mobile-friendly software is another point to mention. Profit is often measured by minutes or even seconds within the modern marketplace. Missing out on a single position could very well dramatically affect your ultimate success or failure. So, mobile capabilities are now considered essential.
CMC Markets is a prime example of a system which offers innovative platforms at your immediate disposal. It is wise to have an in-depth look at the types of systems which are found at the click of a button. Success is defined as the type of trading system employed just as much as it revolves around the individual trader.