Workforce Performance Transformed by 10Rule Technology

Posted: 5th February 2015 09:18

Bottom Line Results, the leading developer of comprehensive human resources technology, has announced release of the 10Rule Workforce Performance Transformation Technology Suite, the first software system designed to measure, benchmark, hire and develop organizational talent in order to replicate an organization's top 10 percent of performers who directly impact the bottom line.

The technology utilizes brain mapping and behavioral science to produce a human capital performance metric that is then used to instill the characteristics of the top 10 percent throughout the entire workforce. The software's algorithms are the product of five years of research, study, testing and validation, along with 25 years of work in clinical brain mapping and business strategy research.

The technology is a unified and integrated system of software that measures drivers of job performance and higher level concepts including employee engagement. Through its integrated metrics and analysis, companies can rely on one efficient system rather than numerous separate groups of software and consulting advice at great expense and questionable ROI.

"Our 10Rule Suite is transformational because it solidifies a performance-based culture with radically improved productivity throughout an organization," said Gary Morais, chief executive officer of Bottom Line Results. Morais is a former clinical psychotherapist who developed the algorithms based upon proven behavioral science techniques in his previous field of pain management and human capital performance improvement. "The purpose of our technology services is to build a scalable high performance culture rapidly by improving engagement, lowering turnover, enhancing team building and increasing productivity, utilizing the performance metrics and actionable data of our software suite and services."

Morais emphasized the importance of the software's ability to measure employee engagement and enhance it. "Several national polls have shown that up to 70 percent of the United States' workforce is not engaged, and that can't be allowed to continue," Morais said. "Our algorithms and services have been developed to influence and change behaviors for the betterment of our client organizations." Morais said the company's clients report substantial improvement in employee engagement, from 10 percent to 30 percent, which they attribute to the suite's Online Development with Targeted Performance Coaching.

The 10Rule Suite goes beyond replicating job performance and other characteristics of the top 10 percent. It also provides metrics to assure that potential new hires have a "performance-fit" with the transformed organization. "It saves up to 50 percent of talent acquisition recruiting time for HR people because it filters for performance potential," Morais said. "No longer do our clients' HR staff need to review thousands of resumes of poor candidates whose skills are not consistent with the benchmarked performance capabilities of top performers known to drive the performance and productivity of the enterprise."

Morais said 10Rule is a complete transformational SaaS-based technology. "An organization's CEO and board members now have a best business practices technology to deliver the results their stakeholders are looking for," he said. "Companies can transform their organizations by hiring new employees and developing existing employees to perform like their existing top 10% performers."

The 10Rule Workforce Performance Transformation Technology Suite has been independently validated for statistical significance and is EEOC compliant.