Anvia Holdings Corporation Acquires Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd

Posted: 31st May 2018 10:43

Anvia Holdings Corporation today announced that it has fully acquired Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd formally known as Kasa Corporation Pty Ltd.

Anvia Holdings Corporation acquired Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd from Lindita Kasa who is wife of Ali Kasa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Anvia Holdings Corporation. The acquisition was made in consideration of Anvia Holdings Corporation giving 5,000 shares valued at U.S $ 0.60 based on the last private transaction price of its shares sold.

Anvia Holdings Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Ali Kasa, added “Acquisition of Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd is an important milestone to develop Australian market and commercialise the global construction eco-system developed and owned by Anvia Holdings Corporation.  Given the fact that there are 1.5 Million licensed tradesmen in Australia and construction industry growth between 10-13 % year on year, Anvia Australia is expected to contribute to revenue and profitability of Anvia Holdings Corporationa.”

About Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd

Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd is fully owned subsidiary of Anvia Holdings Corporation. Anvia Australia commercialises Anvia`s intellectual property assets such as Anvia Learning, Anvia Market, Anvia Recruiters and Anvia Loyalty in Australian Market.

Anvia Market is an ecommerce platform where construction tradesmen can purchase safety wears and tools of their choice.

Anvia Recruiters is placement services specialised in training and placing qualified tradesmen within construction industry in Australia.

Anvia Loyalty is a FREE membership loyalty platform for construction tradesmen or handymen. It offers point based and cashback to tradesmen who use Anvia Learning to comply with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements and revenue share for purchases made within Anvia Network of hardware retailers and supermarkets.

About Anvia Holdings Corporation

Anvia Holdings Corporation is a global technology company that creates comprehensive, turnkey software and consulting solutions for small to medium-sized business.

The company also owns a leading platform for the global constructions industry that provides a complete cloud-based eco-system and they are currently targeting other verticals in the international business arena such as real estate, semiconductors, and construction. Anvia Holdings Corporation trades on the OTCQB under the symbol ANVV.


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