Citrix acquires Unidesk for its layering technology

Posted: 12th January 2017 09:42

Citrix has announced that it has acquired Unidesk, a company that created layering. The technology allows for the separation of Windows applications from the operating system.

The value of the acquisition was not disclosed. What we do know, however, is that we can expect a much tighter cooperation between Microsoft and Citrix.

"Unidesk has been recognized by customers and industry analysts as the clear leader in application layering, offering multiple unique advantages that streamline secure app delivery and VDI deployments and make them easier to manage", says Jeroen van Rotterdam, senior vice president of Engineering at Citrix.

"By incorporating Unidesk technology into XenApp and XenDesktop, Citrix advances its industry leadership by offering the most powerful and easy to deploy application layering solution available for delivering and managing app and desktops in the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid deployment environments".

App layering is basically a container, which includes a Windows app, together with all its settings, presents it as a virtual disk, inside a virtual machine, and then sends it to a device. Citrix says its newly acquired system is faster than what traditional remote delivery app streaming offers, because both the desktop, and the app are run outside the Windows desk.

Citrix will be adding Unidesk to both XenApp and XenDesktop Windows.

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