Google acquires Twitter’s mobile app development division Fabric

Posted: 20th January 2017 08:21

Twitter is making yet another move away from its side properties and divisions. Fabric, the mobile app development platform that Twitter launched in 2014, has now been acquired by Google.

Fabric was developed by Twitter to give app creators some new tools to help grow. They included the Crashlytics toolkit, which was designed to help developers find the reasons why their apps crashed. They also included the MoPub tools so that developers could more easily put advertisements inside apps. Finally, there was the Twitter Kit, which allowed apps to embed Twitter posts, along with a way to post Twitter messages from within third-party applications.

In the blog post announcing its acquisition by Google, the Fabric team said it would be joining that company’s Developer Products Group, and specifically its Firebase team. In a separate blog post, Firebase confirmed that Fabric’s Crashlytics tools will become the main crash analytical program for the team. The specific financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This is just the latest move by Twitter to get rid of some of their secondary tools and services so it can concentrate its efforts on its main social network. Earlier this week, it officially shut down its Vine six-second online video service, replacing the app with the lower-end Vine Camera.

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