Hyatt Acquires Wellness Brand Exhale

Posted: 31st August 2017 08:31

Hyatt announced it has acquired well-being brand exhale for an undisclosed price.

The move, which comes just seven months after the Chicago-based company purchased wellness experience provider Miraval Group for $215 million, will further expand Hyatt's health and fitness offerings.

Exhale boasts 25 store locations across the U.S. and the Caribbean, including some hotel and airport locations. The spa and fitness centers offer a variety of features like yoga studios, zen lounges and wellness boutiques, among others.

Following the acquisition, Hyatt hopes to globally expand the brand and integrate some of Exhale's programming into its hotels. The company will also offer the wellness experiences through its recently revamped World of Hyatt loyalty program.

Exhale experiences will be dictated by the market, and options will range from a 2,000 to 10,000 square foot spaces.

"We know our guests demand (wellness offerings) and want that at home and when they travel," said Hyatt's global head of capital strategy, franchising and select service, Steve Haggerty, via USA Today. "So our acquisitions of Miraval and exhale are components of an overall strategy to deliver wellness to our guests and our colleagues."

"This acquisition is not our answer to wellness, but it is a part of Hyatt’s pursuit of experiences to fulfill our strategy to become a wellness-oriented company," Haggerty told Hotels. "Wellness is an area in which we can better serve our customer in a space that is growing."

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Exhale Founder and CEO Annbeth Eschbach told Hotels that there's tremendous demand for wellness experiences on the road.

"When in hotels, guests can continue routines established at home. It’s a huge trend in hospitality and an unmet need. There is a great opportunity to super-serve high-end travelers," Eschbach said.

If that's the case, Hyatt is putting itself in prime position to capitalize.

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