KPOC Acquires Services of Top Geology Team for Chilean Operations

Posted: 19th September 2019 16:19

Kimberly Parry Organics, Corp, which had previously announced that Company will be changing its name to “KPOC Mining USA, Inc.” to better reflect the public Company’s exit from the organic cosmetics marketplace, today announced that it has secured the services of a top team of Exploration, Geotechnical & Environmental Geologists for its Tilama site in the Coquimbo region of Chile and its other Chilean mining projects.

The main objective of this team is to focus on the first operation which is scheduled to start in the month of June 2020. Past geological results of the Tilama mining territory show significant potential of copper ore, gold, silver and molybdenum resources. The geological team will also revise all past data with the Company’s new drilling program on the first site of the operation, the Lo Mauro mine #1. 

The team will start with the Lo Mauro mine #1 and then the Tilama Project to create the orientation and optimal ore extraction plans for the drilling teams to follow on site.

The team’s CV’s will soon be posted on the Company website.

Company President, Theodore Collas said: “The team we have acquired has more than 20 years of experience within the exploration and mining community in Chile, Central America and Australia in metals exploration, geotechnical engineering in underground and open pit mining. They will specifically be responsible for studying the relationship between the geology and ore formations of our sites, with the aim of locating the most profitable locations. Updates of the team’s results will be posted in in future press releases.”

About KCOP Mining USA, Inc.

KPOC Mining has entered into agreements to purchase 23 copper mining sites in the Republic of Chile. Our geologists have determined that each of mining properties will be highly commercially productive. We believe that development of the first mining site will commence in December 2019, and the remaining sites will be developed over a three- year period. All mining operations will be conducted by KPOC Mining Chile, our Chilean subsidiary.

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