Zuul Kitchens Acquires Ontray Technology and Appoints Tyler Wiest as CTO

Posted: 28th January 2020 08:08

Zuul Kitchens-- a revolutionary ghost kitchen that offers individual kitchen spaces for restaurants to prepare delivery orders -- today announced a new acquisition of online food-ordering platform, Ontray. In addition to acquiring key technology assets from the company, Zuul Kitchens has appointed Tyler Wiest -- CEO and Co-Founder of Ontray -- as their Chief Technology Officer.

"Joining Ontray and Zuul Kitchens is a natural move," says Wiest. "Both companies share a similar goal: returning the power and purse back to individual restaurants. We both believe that restaurants' full-time focus should be on running a restaurant -- not burdensome, expensive tasks like online ordering or delivery operations."

Ontray, founded by Wiest in Philadelphia in 2016, is an online food-ordering service that supplies restaurants with tools to process delivery operations within their own websites. Over the last four years, Ontray has already processed more than $3 million in sales for restaurants around the globe. Through the acquisition of strategic assets from Ontray, Zuul can build upon Ontray's online ordering tools to provide innovative ways for its restaurant members to receive and fulfill delivery orders.

"We have acquired key technical assets and talent from Ontray to better support our restaurant members and set them up for success," says Zuul Kitchens CEO and Co-Founder Corey Manicone, "Together with Ontray's technology, Zuul can innovate  a 'whole product delivery solution' that includes affordable online ordering for our members."

Zuul is currently based in Manhattan, NY in a 5,000-square-foot facility with nine kitchens. The company plans to continue to open kitchen locations throughout New York City in the coming years.

About Zuul Kitchens
Launched in Manhattan in 2018, Zuul Kitchens was born out of the New York City delivery scene. Recognizing that traditional restaurant kitchens are designed for dining, not delivery, Zuul created a facility dedicated exclusively to helping brands fulfill to-go orders. The company offers custom-built, individual kitchens, where restaurants can prepare delivery orders as Zuul handles cumbersome operational tasks -- from dishwashing to delivery.

About Ontray
Ontray, a Philadelphia-based startup, wants to help restaurants take back control of their own customer experience and online ordering systems. The platform makes it easy for restaurant managers to design new websites with built-in online ordering, or add online ordering functionality to their existing sites. From the Ontray dashboard, restaurants can manage multiple restaurants and access sales and customer data, utilize custom coupons, monitor SEO, and more.

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