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The FWU Group is in the business of creating high performance investment concepts with broad and flexible applications for institutional investors, high net worth private clients as well as affluent customers and salaried individuals.

This involves making investment instruments utilised by large-scale investors accessible to wide sections of the population in the form of cost-optimised investment models. The systems and product solutions are characterised by the individualisation of investment strategies, tailored to the needs of the relevant target group, and systematic minimisation of risks while preserving yield opportunities. The integration of quality service partners with international experience serves to support these ambitious design aims and opens up value-added potential for investors and distribution partners at both national and international level.

All systems and product solutions are based on the needs of the markets for which they were designed and aim to find optimised solutions for users within the limits set by the statutory and fiscal environment.

Every partner involved is expected to contribute what it does best. The FWU Group is therefore free to concentrate on the design and administrative implementation of investment-related systems and product solutions while leaving the market implementation exclusively to licensed distribution partners. This precludes the companies in the group from having sales interests of their own.

With these visions,  FWU entered the market and they still remain unchanged today. They are the guidelines for all actions. The mondialisation, which has been driven by rapid developments in communication technologies, allows  global investment markets to move closer and closer together and has triggered the demand for continuously shorter innovation cycles. The FWU Group possessesthe structures, the tools andthe partnership alliances and human resources - the most important source of potential of all - to continue to realise its visions into the future.

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