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When you choose a law firm, you are choosing one of your most important business partners-people with whom you may spend a lot of time.

 Having a good working relationship makes all the difference. Here's what you can expect when you work with us.


One of our most distinctive traits is our practical approach to law. We enjoy cutting to the chase and getting things done. We work actively alongside our clients, helping to translate their commercial objectives into reality. It's not about presenting countless arguments for and against, but providing focused advice that makes a tangible difference.


Lawyers have an image of being arrogant or aloof. That's not how we do things here. We enjoy building strong client relationships based on excellent service and an intuitive understanding of what you want to achieve. The work we do is often serious with high stakes, but there's no reason why it can't also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Law isn't just about what you know, it's about how you think. We see this as a creative discipline that involves thinking beyond conventions and finding lateral solutions. As well as leading to better results, it creates a more interesting and stimulating working relationship, where the emphasis is on spotting opportunities, not just highlighting problems. We're not afraid to innovate to find intelligent solutions for your needs. That's why we're listed in the FT Law 50, the Financial Times' independent ranking of Europe's most innovative law firms.


It goes without saying that we work towards the best possible commercial outcome for our clients. But excellence is about more than that. We set the highest standards in every area of our business, from the big things (like putting together a bespoke team every time) right down to the smaller details (like how promptly we reply to voicemails and emails).


We're ambitious on behalf of our clients and ourselves. The way we see it, the two go hand in hand. We want to build our firm's reputation by delivering outstanding results for the people we represent. That means never resting on our laurels and always looking for new opportunities to further your long-term commercial interests.

 Living out these principles has helped establish our reputation as one of the UK's most successful commercial law firms.