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Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd Wins Corporate Livewire Innovation Award

Posted: 3rd December 2019 16:31

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, winners of NHS Interpreting and Translation Management System of the Year 2020, is a leading UK based international translation and interpreting company. Founded over 15 years ago, the company employs more than 21,000 professional and qualified interpreters, translators, language and cultural advisors, simultaneous conference interpreters, court interpreters, transcription, and language and cultural training services in over 390 languages.
The company’s main target markets in the UK and the EU are currently NHS Trusts and local authorities. Their innovative NHS Interpreting and Translation Management System (NHS ITMS™) has been continually developed for 12 years at a cost of over £250,000, and more than 250 unique features have been developed within this system to maximise cost saving and response time for A&E and police who rely on it.
Each linguist employed by Absolute is continuously trained and assessed regardless of their qualifications and experience. This ensures that the highest quality customer service is provided, whether it is dealing in small individual translations or large interpretation projects for international companies. Customer service is improved even further by carrying out quarterly surveys regarding customer satisfaction. They have interpreters across the UK who can even provide a last minute translation within 30 minutes.
Absolute has established a broad range of clients including central governments, local authorities, and charities. This has been made possible due to their team specialising in 27 subjects in addition to being highly skilled linguists, ensuring that they provide expert translations in all sectors. This can range from medical to financial to legal translations. Even the type of translations vary, with examples of the services offered including website translations, gaming and software translations, and translations for councils and housing associates, amongst many other things.
The Corporate LiveWire judges highly commend Absolute for the crucial impact the NHS ITMS™ is having on the medical industry. Judge Tom Avon commented: “the ease and flexibility of this system is not only going to save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds, it is going to drastically improve the prospects of patient care for non-native English speakers.”



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