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Greener Energy Group Limited wins Best in Home Energy Saving Services

Posted: 7th September 2020 15:36

Founded in 2014, Greener Energy Group Limited is an energy saving and renewable energy heating installation company. They work to help homeowners who are faced with high fuel bills due to inefficient homes or being located in rural areas, where expensive fuel types such as oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and electric are used. Their unique property audit enables them to give advice on multiple heating systems and energy efficient measures, meaning that they are able recommend the best products for individual properties and circumstances. Greener Energy Group also have their own FCA license, allowing their customers to benefit from professional advice on payment options.
At the heart of Greener Energy Group’s services is energy efficiency, and each employee has a personal commitment to the environment. Not only this, but the company have also pledged to tackle fuel poverty for families and individuals who struggle to heat their homes. Each one of their tailored renewable energy quotes tackle both fuel poverty and climate change, and every old instillation removed from the home of a customer is recycled. Greener Energy Group is also in the process of developing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, which will allow the company to go 80% paperless within the next 12 months.
The judges commend Greener Energy Group for their sustainable and forward-thinking approach to energy and heating. With a commitment to tackling both poverty and environmentally damaging fuel practices, the company are taking a stand against two major issues in the 21st century and marking themselves out from others in the industry. Though they predominantly serve Scotland, Green Energy Group have plans to expand the business to benefit those throughout the UK. The team have on-going continuing professional development (CPD) training, to ensure that they maintain high levels of customer service and always find the best products for homeowners.
Judge Andrew Walsh said: “Greener Energy Group is changing the face of energy in Scotland and beyond, through both first-class customer service and their innovative approach to heating. In a world where eco-friendly companies are so vital and customers are unnecessarily overspending on energy, the services that they provide are welcomed by families across the country.”

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