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T Bridge Venture Partners Ltd Wins Most Innovative Venture Capital Firm

Posted: 9th July 2020 10:00

Founded in 2017, T Bridge Venture Partners Ltd is a venture capital firm investing in early stage start-ups and companies, prioritising bridging the gap for investment and driving companies onwards towards increased success and growth. The firm backs international start-ups that are dynamic, creative and impactful throughout sectors such as renewable energy, consumer retail, fintech, proptech, agri-tech and technology, media and telecom (TMT). They are fluid and pioneering in approach, working with what they term ‘the innovative, the courageous, risk-takers and boundary pushers’ across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
Leaders in the venture capital space, T Bridge’s highly skilled team stay on top of industry trends by regularly attending events hosted by other firms and industry associations, alongside start-up orientated conferences. Remaining up-to-date with technological advancements, they can recognise fast-evolving business models to replace current models and improve efficiency. Their portfolio includes a recent development with their partners BrightStar Solar Global, which was an innovative business model of venture capital investment into renewable energy companies, in order to spur international electrification through solar energy. As the company continues to grow, they create partnerships with an increasing number of leading organisations.
The judges commend T Bridge for their pioneering approach to venture capitalism. The firm are keen to open up their network in order to push their investee companies to the next stage of their professional development forward-looking sectors. Working with BrightStar Solar Global, the company has established a £500 million fund to target sustainable projects, including those concerning the renewable energy infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their founder, Fope Oluleye, has been building multi-million pound companies since the age of 21, and is combining his know-how and passion for change to make a significant impact in the industry and beyond.
Judge Andrew Walsh commented: “T Bridge is a leading venture capital firm with the heart and soul that is often missing elsewhere in the industry. Daring enough to take risks on promising startups, they are paving the way for the innovators of the future; those that would have otherwise faced many challenges.”




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