Petra Slingenberg-Beishuizen
Delissen Martens
Managing Partner
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Petra Slingenberg-Beishuizen
Managing Partner at Delissen Martens
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Petra Slingenberg is a lawyer, mediator and managing partner at Delissen Martens with over 20 years experience in Family Law, particular divorce. She pays specific attention to the position of children. Petra also advises entrepeneurs on the settlement of pre-nuptial agreements and financial relief often with a complicated element. She advises and coaches people going through divorce and acts as their counsel in legal procedures. Petra can also be deployed as a mediator in business conflicts, such as employment disputes.

Petra has a keen eye for the individual interests, the relationship between the parties and will always focus on the continuation of the parental relationship after divorce.
She has a holistic vision where it comes to coach people who are dealing with their divorce. According to Petra bridges can be made no matter how big the conflict is.

Petra is the author of the LOVe Code and one of the founders of "Het Scheidingscafe", established in 2011.


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