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Dr Chrysthia Papacleovoulou
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Ms Chrysthia Papacleovoulou holds an LLB Law Degree (Honours) King’s College University of London, an LLM in Anglo American Law (Commendation Awarded) City University and has been awarded a PhD  from Birkbeck College, University of London under the title “The Emerging Global Corporation” focusing on comparative Company Law, international economic law and corporate governance. She is a Fellow of the Centre of Comparative Legal Studies. 

Chrysthia is a fully qualified Advocate at Law and a full member of the Cyprus Bar Association, the Athens Bar Association in Greece and the International Bar Association. She is currently a senior partner of the Law Chambers Nicos Papacleovoulou and at the same time a lecturer of the national university, the University of Cyprus lecturing business and commercial law. Chrysthia has also served as a Lecturer at the state university, the University of Cyprus. Chrysthia has served as a sessional Lecturer of Law at the University of London, United Kingdom for three years lecturing British Constitutional Law, British Company Law and International Company Law.  

As a partner in the LCNP Law Chambers Nicos Papacleovoulou, Chrysthia specialises in the areas of corporate and commercial law, international corporate contract transactions and SPAs Agreements and tax planning structures, intellectual property, contract law, conveyancing and the acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus, Wills and Probate and she is the senior partner of the Litigation Department. Chrysthia is a member of the board of directors of Cypriot and foreign public companies as well as of many private limited liability companies. Chrysthia is on the Board of Directors of many private limited liability companies and offers legal and consultancy services to private companies as well as public companies such as the Bank of Cyprus Public Limited Company Plc, Marfin Laiki Popular Bank Plc, Co-Operative Societies. Chrysthia has provided legal opinions for company acquisitions and syndicated loans and has been a consultant to Directors in relation to the syndicated loan of Bank of Baroda to Indus Gas, which has been classified one of the top transactions in India in 2010 and has also advised HSBC Trustees in relation to Trust structures and Trust property management and maintenance 

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