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The right layout for the CV
The layout and design of the right CV should match the job you are looking for. However, a finding of the StepStone eye tracking study also serves as a rough guide: in terms of design, recruiters still like the classic CV better than graphically prepared CVs or the Europass CV. Self-marketing is intrinsic to your success in the application process.
If you are looking for a job as a graphic designer and submit a CV in the form of a Word document in Times New Roman font, you are wasting your time and that of the employer. In professions, creative applications can score points. The application homepage or the application video can also become your unique selling point. However, if you're a lawyer or economist, it's not worth trying to impress with colours and shapes - there are other ways to think creatively. In this case, it is absolutely fine to send a traditionally styled CV. As a general rule, don't use flashy colours and changing fonts.
The right Word templates for the perfect CV
With StepStone's CV templates, you have three templates in handy Word format at your fingertips, saving you time when applying. Whether you want a classic, personalised or short and snappy CV, put the finishing touches to your application with the and CV templates and increase your chances of getting the job. We also show you all the application tips and application templates at a glance, so you can start the upcoming application marathon stronger.
Template: Classic and traditional CV
This template like that has a classic design and is clearly presented in tabular form. The most important information is clearly structured and visible at a glance. This traditional sample template is therefore particularly suitable for career starters and newcomers.