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7 Tips on How to Write an Effective Essay part 2

Build on the body

The body of the essay is where the principal points are. At times, this can be a bit complicated especially in tying the points together. You can look for some effective essay examples online to get an idea of how to go about yours. You must ensure that your ideas and points tie-up seamlessly driving towards the conclusion you intend to make. The body of your essay should have as factual points as possible except when writing an opinion paper. Ensure to research extensively to build a robust essay body, recommends Audrey Holt, a writing specialist who cooperates with

Brown Wooden Desk


After the thesis statement, an introduction is the immediate next thing that will draw in the reader. The introduction should be captivating and interesting enough for one to continue and read the rest of the essay. You can get a lot of guidelines by searching on how to get help with writing online for your introduction paragraph. Writing your essay’s introduction after you are done with the body of the essay makes it easier to make it cohesive to the rest of the essay. 


A distinctive conclusion brings closure to your essay and summarizes the overall concept of the subject you intended to evaluate in the essay. The conclusion must always tie up to the premise of the body so that there is no disconnect to your work. To help perfect effective essay writing you can review prewritten essay examples from Essay Zoo. There are many reliable essay writing services where you can get such sample essays and get a glimpse of what a perfect essay looks like. Your conclusion should be robust and reinforce your thesis statement. It should also be clear from this paragraph that the essay has come to an end with sentences that are not left incomplete and hanging. 

Revision, proofreading, and editing

Editing and revising your essay is just as important as researching and writing the essay. While proofreading and editing you capture some errors that you may have overlooked. You ensure that none of your points are lost in wording. Custom essay writing is making an essay your own and you achieve this in editing. Ensure to set aside time to go through the essay at least one more time before submission. This exercise will make a big difference. Ensure that your essay follows the requirements issued for the essay, that there are no grammatical errors, and that the essay makes sense overall, in case you need help with resume writing you can visit reliable websites such as that provide writing resumes that work.

All the above tips are quite robust guidelines on how to write an essay and an effective one for that matter. Writing essays being an inherent part of the education system, one has no choice but to get good at it. Applying the above pointers will not only see you effectively transform your essay writing, but it will also make it a lot easier and more enjoyable.


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