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Writing a Personal Statement - How to Tell a Story and Why You're a Good Fit For College


Writing a personal statement can be daunting! I found that a personal statement could potentially take up to 40+ hours to complete, which seemed like an awful lot to me. The good news is that I now have a personal statement master to help me write my personal statement and it has helped me to not only get through this application process, but also to give myself some time to really evaluate what I am applying for, why I'm applying for it, and how I intend to fit into the program I'm applying for.


The personal statement master I used helped me to not only focus on the information I needed to provide for my admissions essays, but it also gave me some practice at crafting strong personal statements that would help me with my application essay and admission letters. Personal statements are a great opportunity for admissions tutors to get to understand you: what you are trying to gain out of college, your passions and goals, and everything you want to gain from college. A professional personal statement writers isn't quite like a letter of intention; though personal statements do include a list of what the applicant hopes to gain out of college, it still generally is more about your personality and who you are than what college you are going to attend. A personal statement master has the student to construct and develop strong personal statements from the information given to them.


The personal statement master gave me many specific examples of how to ask questions and how to analyze information provided to them, as well as having examples of other ways to develop a personal statement from the information given to them. In particular, the examples shown showed me that the best way to answer questions on campus is to first take a stance, and then use a question to describe a specific example of your unique personal qualities or experiences that relate to a topic in the essay or application (like your passion for stamp collecting). Then use the question to describe your strongest traits or personal qualities that make you a good fit for the school. Finally, summarize your personal statement by repeating your goal to tell your story and why you are a good fit for the school and what specifically you hope to gain out of college.



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