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Top 25 topic ideas for your Art assignment


         Art is an important part of our lives. Throughout the history of human civilization, art always existed, although in different forms. Similarly, art assignments are also a significant part of the academic career. It will be naïve to imagine passing college without having done several art assignments or taking help from essay writing service. It is observed that most of the students who are not interested in art, fine art assignments very difficult. It is natural in this regard to not like art, and art assignments at the same time. However, the number of such students who do not like art constitutes a large population.


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         Given the difficulty of the art assignments, this blog will provide some suggestions and tips that will enable you to write the art assignments easily. Along with that, you will also find a list of topics to choose from. Art essays or assignments are written just like any other essay, however, with small changes made in the style and tone.

         The first step of writing an art assignment or essay is to find a suitable topic. We will discuss the selection of the topic in the later paragraphs. The second step of writing an art essay is to study the background information on the topic. It is always advised to the students to read what others have written on the topic. For this, go the google scholar, or read some book regarding the topic.

         After having dealt with the relevant information on the topic, now is the time to devise a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main stance that you are going to adopt for the rest of the essay. after devising the thesis statement of your art essay or assignment, now is the time to outline your art essay. A good outline depends on the type of thesis statement you have written. When I write my paper, I put a lot of emphasis on the thesis statement. In the case of art essays, the thesis statement is an influencing factor.

         After you have made the thesis statement, the outlines should be your next task to do. And to write an outline, the first thing you should do is to note down all the important ideas related to the topic in a clear logical manner. After having done that, convert the main ideas into one sentence each. These will be your topic sentences for each body paragraph. This way the first draft of your outline will be ready.

         Now is the time to go for the final draft. The first thing you should consider in your art essay or assignment outline is to eliminate irrelevant information. This shall be possible after several proofreads. When you eliminate the extra information, the leftovers will be the relevant information on the topic. Re-organize the outline in a clear logical manner so that the outline produces a clear logical flow and coherence. However, if you think this will take much time, and, on the other hand, you have a shorter deadline to complete your art essay, you can consult any professional paper writing service, they will help you in this regard.

         Another important tip in writing a good art essay and assignment is to start with a good introduction. A good introductory paragraph will solve much of the problem for you. You can ask a good essay writer to guide you to write a good introduction. Other than that, if you want to write the introduction by yourself, start with a hook statement. A good hook statement will provide interest for your art assignment. Similarly, following the hook statement, you can provide some background information and then, at the end of the introduction, provide the thesis statement.

         The conclusion is also important in art essays or assignments. To begin with, provide the thesis statement once again, however, in different words this time. After the thesis statement, rewrite the main ideas of your essay and end gracefully.

         Now, let us grind on the topics of art assignments. There is a possibility that the teacher will provide you with the topic for the art assignment. If that did not happen and the teacher has advised you to choose your topic and write my essay, then consider the following list as a guideline. I have provided a long list of topics to choose from.

  1. Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids; a comparison.
  2. The significance of Raphael’s work
  3. Mayan human sacrifice and its depiction in art.
  4. The relationship between philosophy and art.
  5. The history and origin of Greek theatre.
  6. How did art influence people during WWII
  7. Influence of WWI on art.
  8. The decline of medieval European art.
  9. How the work of William Blake paved the path for modern art?
  10. The most significant piece of art of the 20th century and why?
  11. How painting can help treat mental illnesses.
  12. Why do we need art in our lives?
  13. Advantages of listening to classical music.
  14. Banksy artist or vandal?
  15. Picasso’s blue and rose periods: similarities and differences.
  16. Styles and techniques of painting landscapes.
  17. Roman Vs. Greek mythology
  18. Baroque and Rococo design styles: compare and analyze.
  19. Venus de Milo Vs. The Thinker.
  20. Pablo Picasso founder of cubism.
  21. The artistic styles of Art Deco.
  22. Origin of Crop art
  23. How to take help from essay writer
  24. History of graphic novels
  25. Does life and nature influence art?
  26. Gothic and Neo-Gothic.



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