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Anu Gupta
Founding Attorney at Immigration Desk - Law Office of Anu Gupta
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Founding Attorney Anu Gupta has filed thousands of visa and green card petitions in the past 20 years, advising more than 10,000 individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate employers on immigration matters. Although a winner of several awards and recognitions, a life-long MENSA member and the author of more than a 100 published legal articles, Anu firmly believes that an attorney should be known only for her dedication and by her ability to win- especially when the facts are complicated.

A first generation American, Anu has lived the same journey that you are on, and firmly believes in helping you achieve your immigration aims.  Truly believing in providing great in-person service, you may be surprised upon calling our office to be connected directly to her for a few minutes of advice before the call is routed. Due to this level of commitment to her clients, Anu has a sterling reputation and one of the highest visa approval rates in the industry.


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