Virtual Round Table

Franchise Law 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with eight experts from around the world to discuss the latest changes and developments in Franchise Law. Among the highlighted topics our chosen experts outline the challenges relating to cross-border franchise agreements, discuss the most frequent disputes in their jurisdiction and explain how to safeguard the image of the franchised brand. 
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  • Eugene Honey
    Adams & Adams
  • Mercedes Clavell
    Arco Abogados
  • Gonzalo Ulloa Suelves
    Gomez-Acebo & Pombo
  • Harold Kestenbaum
    Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC
  • Dan-Michael Sagell
    Sagell & Co
  • Peter Dillon
    Siskinds LLP
  • Stewart Germann
    Stewart Germann Law Office
  • Robert Toth
    Marsh & Maher
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