Virtual Round Table

Virtual Round Table - Intellectual Property 2023

In this roundtable our chosen experts outline the latest regulatory changes and noteworthy case studies, identify best practice procedures for managing large IP portfolios and implementing intellectual property rights cross-border, and discuss the importance of due diligence, prior art searches, and the IP challenges in an increasingly digitalised environment. Featured countries include: Ecuador, Indonesia, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland and United States.
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  • Tian-ying Zhao
  • Herman van Schalkwyk
    Spoor & Fisher
  • Franco Oriti
    Oriti Patents
  • Sumi Nadarajah
  • Santiago Mosquera
    Falconi Puig Abogados
  • Risti Wulansari
    K&K Advocates
  • Chinyere Okorocha
    Jackson, Etti & Edu
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