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2020 and the growth of the online entertainment business

Posted: 4th January 2021 09:50
2020 has seen a real growth when it comes to the online entertainment business, with so many different areas seeing a surge in the number of visitors. What is the reason behind this? Well, the sector has already been seeing this growth in recent years and there is no doubt that COVID-19 has certainly played a positive role on this. For most industries around the world, the pandemic has been a real negative and resulted in endless job losses and business after business closing. However, it has been a different story for online entertainment, with a huge surge in numbers and record growth. This is due to the lockdowns that have been enforced for most nations around the world, which has meant that people have had to spend extended periods of time within their own homes. That has meant that they have been looking to access online entertainment and thus resulted in this growth and success.

The first key area has been within the gaming industry. There are so many different areas of this, from traditional console gaming to now mobile gaming and online casinos. Many of the later can be found easily and you can visit here for a select list. These ones also do not require verification, which is why they are proving so popular for many different reasons. Firstly, for the fact of the ease of accessibility for players, on top of the endless bonuses and offers that can be picked up and we have already seen many big winners on the platforms across 2020. This all helps with growth and it has been no different for online casinos. Other areas have also proven really successful, such as slots and poker games. The latter has seen a rise in players, due to the platform also proving a means of socialising and even the World series was moved online in 2020. That is also set for 2021 but there are still hopes that this could take place in the Rio casinos again.
The online entertainment business also saw many different areas of success, with movie streaming giant Netflix being the key example. It saw a record number of growth in the first quarter of the year and this has continued across the entire calendar year. It has also been a similar scenario for Amazon prime movies and many other platforms. These statistics are all now predicting this trend to continue into 2021 and there is no doubt if restrictions remain in place, then the growth will continue at a similar rate.

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