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An Interview with Linsay Duncan, Founder of Your Allies

Best in B2B Marketing - Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2019
Posted: 18th September 2019 12:45
Linsay Duncan and her industry-leading marketing services are well known to Corporate LiveWire having previously been named the Best in B2B Marketing as part of our Global Awards in 2018. A lot has changed in the proceeding 12 months with her business, formerly known as Marke2ing, rebranding to become Your Allies. However, one thing has remained the same; the London-based agency continues to provide exemplary services earning both Your Allies and its clients numerous awards and recognition. Corporate LiveWire recently spoke to Linsay to find out more.
What are your main areas of focus for 2019 and what specialisation does Your Allies offer to its clients?
In 2019 we’ll stay focused on helping our clients grow, just as we always have done. That’s through new business and retention initiatives, through good storytelling and by nurturing our clients’ marketing talent. Our speciality in aligning sales and marketing will only grow in importance this year, as we help more businesses get this right. Helping clients realise the opportunities in their partner network, through joint marketing, is also a focus for us this year. It’s an area we often see is not quite maximised by businesses.
We noticed that the company has changed its name since being selected as the Best in B2B Marketing in our 2018 Global Awards. What can you tell us about this rebranding?
Our recent rebrand has helped position us as the business we’d become. More than just marketing (as our previous name Marke2ing might have suggested), we help businesses align their sales and marketing, and have sales specialists we can bring in to support where needed. In fact, we realised our partner and marketing specialist network was a real strength of ours, our clients came to rely on. Being able to bring in experts on behalf of our clients or refer clients to other good people we’ve worked with, is a big value-add. Not only does it take the hassle of vetting away (as we’ve already taken care of that) but with those people or agencies often going through our books, clients save on admin time.
Aside from the rebranding, 2019 was another successful year for the company in terms of performance. Can you tell us more about your notable launches over the past 12 months?
The last year has seen us build successful new business campaigns and launches spanning customer AI, financial reporting and telematics products, to experience design and rugged mobile devices. What’s been crucial in them making an impact, across every single project, was having a really deep understanding of the customer. Only then have we been able to build messages, CTAs and campaigns which resonate and spark engagement.
Not only has Your Allies scooped several awards for itself in the past year, you have also helped several clients win awards for their work too.
It’s been a bumper year in terms of helping clients win awards. There’s nothing like seeing a business you’re close to be acknowledged for the great work they do, particularly when it may be a first ‘win’ for them. Whilst awards aren’t the be all and end all, we do keep a keen eye on them for ourselves, and our clients, as that recognition really can make a difference in those earlier stages of growing a business.
What else sets Your Allies apart from its competitors?
Unlike an agency, Your Allies works inside our clients’ business. We work as part of the leadership team, partnered with sales. We’re their part-time marketing director, on their side and in their team, working on a flexible basis.

Linsay Duncan
Founder at Your Allies 
t: 0203 137 3343

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