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Key Business trends for businesses over 2019

Posted: 1st April 2019 12:35
We are now well into 2019 and as such there are now many trends taking place when it comes to small businesses in 2019. Most industries are evolving and as such the nature of work is doing the same, so it is important to always keep track of changing trends that could have an impact on your business. There could also be many offers to take into account such Virgin Games promo code for new customers, which is a good option for those operating in the gaming industry. Here we cover some of the key trends that are worth keeping an eye on over the coming year.

Better offerings for employees

Unemployment rates are continuing to reduce both in the US and UK. This is fantastic news, which will also mean the workers market will likely remain the same over the coming year. This means it could become a competitive market for businesses, when it comes to looking to employ better workers. Businesses are continuing to look to employ a diverse workforce, which means some of the best workers can push for more competitive salaries in 2019, as there becomes a lot more jobs available for people looking for work.

Benefits through Health and Wellness

Salary is not the only important thing for employees at present, as more and more businesses continue to now offer great health and wellness benefits. This can be personalised to the individual, based on age ect. Many businesses are now offering specialized packages to staff such as chiropractic care, which can be a recurring problem through sitting in an office with poor posture. Other incentives such as vision, dental and hearing are also being included. It looks likely that this is a key trend that is likely to grow over the coming years, which could be key to retaining members of staff within the business.

Working hours

Could we now be seeing the end of the usual 9 to 5? In many office working environments it appears to be changing, through flexible working hours available to employees. This means the option to start work earlier to order to finish earlier for example. This is a very attractive option for many, when choosing a job. There also appears to be a key change in staff now being allowed to work anywhere. This means working from home through taking your laptop home, which is of course an attractive option for many. This is something that is continuing to grow amongst businesses and is only set to continue in the coming years.

Wearable technology

Many businesses are now looking to give their employees wearable technology such as Fitbits or even Apple watches as wellness initiatives. ABI research estimated that over six million workers should receive these and this is only set to grow. This draws on from businesses building in house gyms or offering free memberships to employees, in order to push them to live a healthier lifestyle.

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