Malaysia Announces 70% Tax Exemption for Shipping Industry

By Asean Briefing

Posted: 6th September 2016 08:07

Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry revealed tax incentives on August 9th targeting the shipping industry. Incentives will be applied with immediate effect and will be available for periods of five years.
Understanding Incentives

Shipbuilding incentives will be applied to both shipbuilding companies as well as those involved in supporting industries such as ship repair. In terms of their structure, incentives target both existing and prospective investors. Those involved or considering investment in the aforementioned industries should make note of the following incentive particulars:
Implications for Investment

Incentives create significant advantages for those involved or considering investment in targeted industries. The possibility for increased investment in Malay ports also creates serious potential for the overall infrastructure surrounding the import and export of goods from Malaysia.

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