Amitylux Wins Sightseeing Tour Agency of the Year

Posted: 4th April 2024 10:50

Winner in the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24

What sets Amitylux apart is its commitment to providing authentic and unique experiences. They go beyond the tourist traps, revealing hidden treasures and local gems that showcase the Nordic and the UK landscapes in a whole new light. Whether you’re passionate about architecture, a nature enthusiast, or a sustainability advocate, Amitylux Tours has a tour designed just for you. The power of choice is firmly in your hands, allowing you to select the theme, transportation, activities and culinary delights that align with your interests and desires.


One of the most remarkable aspects of Amitylux is their dedication to customisation. They understand that each traveller is unique and they embrace this individuality by offering tailor-made adventures. You’re not limited by rigid scripts – instead, you have access to endless possibilities. Their repertoire includes everything from classic walking and biking tours through captivating castles, parks and city streets, to opulent private jet journeys, chauffeured cars and exclusive sights.

The local guides at Amitylux are more than just experts – they’re passionate storytellers, history buffs and adventure enthusiasts. With them, your tour transforms into an unforgettable and joyous experience filled with fun, excitement and memorable moments. The guides go beyond the ordinary, adding a personal touch and creating unforgettably immersive journeys. They connect with their audience, cater to diverse interests and leave a lasting impact, turning tours into remarkable adventures that linger in the hearts and minds of those taking part.


The judging panel was particularly impressed by the commitment to sustainability which has become such an important facet of the travel industry over the past few years. Educating tourists on the importance of eco-friendly approaches, the tour experts share valuable insights into sustainable solutions, ensuring that your travel is not only breathtaking but also meaningful. Amitylux Tours isn’t just a sightseeing agency, it’s a gateway to the vibrant history, culture, art and cuisine of the Nordic world and the UK. If you’re ready for a journey that transcends the ordinary and promises authenticity, Amitylux is your perfect partner.


Amitylux offers premier sightseeing and private experiences in Nordics, London, and Edinburg, with a focus on authenticity, customisation and sustainability.