“What an honor to be awarded the Innovation and Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Contingency Planner – USA by Corporate LiveWire. During the process, I worked with Leah Jones who was exceptionally helpful and professional. I am amazed at all the attention and opportunities that have come out of this award. In addition, I enjoy reading all the great articles for Banking and Finance.” Brian Vigue, Contingency Management, EverBank.

"As a relative newcomer to the Cayman Islands private charter market we were very pleased to be considered for a featured article in Luxury Travel Guide's Charter publication of 2015. The quality of the article perfectly represents the spirit of Charter Cayman and of Grand Cayman as a premier destination for boating, diving and watersports. Kerry was very responsive and easy to work with throughout, and the team made all stages from payment to publication a breeze. I look forward to working with Kerry and Corporate Live Wire again in the future." Charlotte Cloete, Charter Cayman

“Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure working with Jake Powers on this. I have written papers, given interviews and taken part in different formats of lectures and seminars but the Virtual Round Table is definitely an interesting format. I think it is modern and interesting for the reader whereas for me as interviewee it was a good way of thinking about the subject in perspective. I cannot prevent mentioning how organized the process has been, with clear and objective editorial rules, requisites and deadlines; kudos to you. I would definitely be glad to work with Corporate LiveWire again in the future.” Fabio Gaspar, Tax Manager, Shell Brasil

“I had the pleasure in dealing with Krystle and the entire Luxury Travel Guide team. They did a fantastic job writing a feature about R.Macedonia,we are pleased our company Citytours is included in this project and we hope to continue further cooperation with Luxury Travel Guide.”  Vladimir Popov, Owner, City Tours

“Since the first contact I had the feeling that dealing with Kerry and the Luxury Travel Guide team was going to be a very easy collaboration. The whole process of featuring in the 2015 Guide was extremely professional, on time and again easy which is important for people who are not used to work online. Kerry has been easy to communicate with, all the emails were answered very fast at any time and she was happy to call at any time according to my hectic guiding and driving working hours and everything came out the way we wished. Thank you very much for your great job and hope to tour you around Tuscany soon!”  Anna Maria Madaffari owner at Cooltours 

“It was a pleasant experience dealing with Kerry Payne and the Luxury Travel Guide team. The whole process of featuring at the 2015 Guide was straightforward and extremely professional. Especially with the attention to detail, easy to communicate with, really listened effectively to what I was seeking, all the emails were answered very fast and everything came out the way we wished. Thank you very much for your great job! Talk to you soon!” Ana Gabriela Serra, Commercial Director, Zaporeaz

Working with Kerry and the rest of the team at the Luxury Travel Guide was a very pleasant and efficient experience. They were most receptive starting with the initial discussions to the first draft to the changes & corrections – very professional and competent.  From the feedback I have received on the article and the publication, I highly recommend your participation as I will be doing so next year with no hesitation.”  Debbi Baron, Founder and owner, Domaines & Terroirs

“I had the pleasure in dealing with Kerry at Luxury Travel Guide.  She was so pleasant to work with.  A real credit to her company.  It's a great help to be able to communicate and work with someone so efficient and professional.  I'm very impressed with the outcome of my feature in the magazine”  Tim Cowley, Owner, Rustic Vines Tours

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Krystle and the entire Luxury Travel Guide team.  They did a fantastic job writing about Authentic AMSTERDAM and my tailor made activities for this beautiful city and the NETHERLANDS in their Luxury Travel Guide 2015.  I highly recommend their work and their talents to promote Amsterdam, The Netherlands and My Company.” Elisabeth Vermeiden, Manager, Elisabeth's Tailor Made Tours, Events & Services

“It was a great experience and a pleasure to work with such a professional as Jake Powers from Corporate LiveWire. We are more than satisfied with this co-operation and we would not hesitate to work with Corporate LiveWire again” Indre Burbulyte, Associate, Tark Grunte Sutkiene

"It was a great pleasure working with the Luxury Travel Guide, our contact Miss Tracy Jones made sure that our product was there in the most efficient way.  We are pleased to have our company included in the project and hope to continue cooperation with the company. This experience was informative and educational.  Adria Exclusive Dubrovnik were happy to be a part of this classy luxury product and hope to do so again in the future."  Almir Zejneli CEO and Co Owner Adria Exclusive Dubrovnik

“It was a real pleasure to work with you on organizing John Willms’ participation in the Round Table project for the environmental section.  I know Mr. Willms was pleased to be a part it; others from the firm said, “Totally cool”.  It’s a great concept and I found it intriguing to view various answers to the same question at a glance.   The process from start to finish was well organized, seamless and efficient.”  Janice Hardacre, Marketing Coordinator, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP

“I have been delighted to cooperate with Jake Powers and his team, which create an excellent product in an efficient way.  This was my first time working with Corporate LiveWire and they made it a very glad experience.”  Ken Dai, Partner, Dacheng Law

“I must confess to some initial scepticism when Vince Draper contacted me about contributing to the Expert Guide on Bankruptcy & Restructuring.  However, the calibre of analogous works seemed high, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Vince and his team were responsive and plugged in throughout the process, and I'm pleased to have my little article included in their classy finished product.”  David I. Katzen, Partner, Katzen & Schuricht

"The whole process with Corporate LiveWire was straightforward and convenient, which is important given everyone's busy schedules. The final product looked and read great, so it was well worth the effort. I have high hopes that this will be a good way to promote our expertise and let more people hear about us."  David Eyerly, Commuciations Director, Soewito Suhardiman Eddymurthy Kardono

"I think Jake Powers and his team create an excellent product, both as to substance and to the quality of the design.  This was my first time working with Corporate LiveWire and they made it a very rewarding experience." Gregg S. Buksbaum, Partner, Patton Boggs

“The virtual roundtable initiative is a great way of exchanging views on hot topics with colleagues from other jurisdictions. The way of presenting the information is very refreshing and attractive to the audience. At first, we thought the process would be a burden given our busy schedules, but Jake Powers made it simply and expedite, for which we are grateful.”  Paulina Riquelme, Partner, Eelaw Energy And Environment Legal Advice

“First of all we would kindly like to thank Omar Sadik for including Hotel Cubo in the De Luxe series of hotels.  The final product is sleek, modern and chic and we are proud to be advertised in your magazine. We believe the rest of the companies included in the section will agree with us. From a top quality magazine we could not expect anything less.”  Sandi Kovacevic, Owner, Hotel Cubo

“This was our first experience with a virtual roundtable, and it was refreshing how easy and seamless the process was.  The subject, Corporate Governance, is near and dear to our heart as restructuring specialists, so it was both a pleasure and an honor to take part, especially alongside such well-known professionals and firms.  Working with Jake Powers and Corporate Livewire was informative and educational, and we look forward to taking part again in the future.” Howard Brod Brownstein, President, The Brownstein Corporation

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Norman and his team. The quality of their work is excellent, the communication very pleasant and the result more than satisfying. We are very happy with the beautiful design of our pages in the luxury guide. Great job!" Sandra Smit, Founder, Boxo

“I'm absolutely pleased with the attention to detail, good knowledge & writing capacity of the working team of the Luxury guide. With our guidance they made a wonderful feature of our destination. And Mike is not only an excellent partner, but also a very nice person. He is always at your disposal and ready to respond to your wishes. So thank you, Mike and all the team! Great job :)”  Mihaela Kircheva, Owner,  Gabi Tour Ltd

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Michael.  All the emails have been answered very fast and everything came out the way we wished. The guide looks very nice and Michael did a great job to get in everything I asked. Great job!"  Marii Männiste, Manager, Tallinn Traveller Tours

“I would like to thank you for all your support.  At Incirliev, we had a wonderful cooperative process working with Norman, very responsive & informative, helpful throughout; and we are very happy to be part of this beautifully designed European Luxury Travel Guide 2013. Thanks to everyone involved.”  Sabahat Poshor, Owner, Incirliev Alacati

“The travel guide looks great and everybody here really likes the look and design!  I can only say positive things about the cooperation.  Omar has been very professional and patient with my busy schedule."  Mitja Jus, CEO, Roundabout Travel Agency

“It looks FANTASTIC and AMAZING!!  Wonderful photos and super glossy looking (even on screen) and expensive looking!  It certainly exudes "luxury" and "high end".  Job well done!” Lucy Valentine, Travel Expert.

“I enjoyed participating in the virtual round table on infrastructure and project finance. It was a new experience for me and I was very pleased with the final product. It gave me a unique opportunity to review what my colleagues around the world thought on topics that mattered to me.” Brad Vann, Partner, Clayton Utz

“Contributing to the Product Liability Roundtable and working with Jake Powers was an excellent experience. The results are great.” Ina Brock, Partner, Hogan Lovells

It was a real pleasure to work with Jake Powers and Corporate Livewire in providing input for the Expert Guide on Foreign Investment, a really professional outfit!” Hugh Naylor, Head of Private Equity, Trinity International LLP

“It was a pleasure working with Jake Powers and Corporate LiveWire on the Competition Law Virtual Roundtable, and I was quite pleased with the final product that they put together.” James M. Burns, Member, Dickinson Wright PLLC, Washington D.C.

“Jake Powers was a pleasure to work with from the first contact to publication of our article in the Foreign Investment Expert Guide. He was very straightforward and upfront about the Corporate LiveWire publication offer and extremely professional and responsive throughout the process.  We are very happy about the look and content of the final product and will definitely work with Corporate LiveWire again.”  Katherine Rosa, Partner, Jiménez Cruz Peña.

“You all did an amazing job.  Aesthetically, it's beautiful and high-style, and it breathes some life into our brand.  The copy too was fantastic.  You've been great to work with, and you all clearly have a strong eye for editorial over there.”  Alex Goodman, NYSee Tours.

“I enjoyed participating in a virtual round table organised by Jake Powers.  The whole experience was interesting and enjoyable.  Jake put it all together with a calm but thoughtful efficiency which made it a real pleasure.” Joanna Page, Partner, Allen & Overy

"As the center of gravity for the boardroom, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is always seeking partners to help extend our voice.  Working with the Virtual Round Table project has been seamless and simple. Great unique opportunity to gain diverse perspectives.”  Henry Stoever, Chief Marketing Officer, NACD

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jake and corporatelivewire. He was thoroughly professional from first contact to final publication.  It was great to work with someone who understands the topic and asks intelligent questions. I would not hesitate to work with Corporate LiveWire again.”  Rehana Box, Partner, Ashurst.

"I am glad to have worked with Corporate Live Wire on my recent article.  Jake Powers was a pleasure; always professional and responsive, he made the process extremely simple and straightforward.  And the final product looks great." Gregory A. Litt, Counsel, Skadden

“It was clearly a great pleasure to work with Jake Powers and a great success for our firm. The article  edited by Jake helped us to a number of serious credits of clients of the firm but also of readers of Corporate Live Wire in only some 10 days after publication. I look forward to working with Jake and the Team of Corporate Live Wire again.”  Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser, Partner, Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“What a pleasure to work with Jake Powers, it is rare nowadays to find an individual who is so professional and proficient. He is clearly very knowledgeable of his target audience and understands the related issues which are topical and newsworthy. My article was well received and the suggested edits received from Corporate Live Wire were relevant and constructive. I look forward to working with Jake and the Corporate Live Wire team in the future!”  Brian Wimpey, Director - Intellectual Property, Norton Rose.

"I really enjoyed working together with John Hart and the Corporate LiveWire team. I find that they offer a nice balance of being professional and personal at the same time. My work requires me to travel a lot and they were very patient and accommodating. I would definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to anybody who is considering having their marketing done through them". - Cristy Elmendorp, Managing Director of Soma Journeys

“It was a real pleasure to work with Jake Powers and Corporate Live Wire. Besides being very helpful and efficient, he has proper understanding of the market and emerging issues. My article was received and reviewed by him and Corporate Live Wire, and his suggestions were submitted to and discussed in detail with me with a view to addressing the concerns of clients, readers and the market.” 
Adriano Drummond C Trindale, Counsel, Pinheiro Neto Advogados.

“We have had a very positive experience in working with Corporate Live Wire (contributing to the Energy and Natural Resources publication). We are very pleased with the result, and Jake Powers has made the whole process of submitting and publishing our article extremely efficient.” Iain Duncan, Partner, Simmons & Simmons LLP

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Norman Lee. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he also is very professional in his job.  I loved the design the team made for our article.  Responses were always quick and to the point. The guide looks great and was a great success. Thanks very much.” Frans Betgem, General Manager Tiger Trail Thailand.

“We were very happy with the handling of the entire process and the outcome, the guide looks very appealing.  Norman always replied timely. The design of the Luxury Travel Guide – Asia & Australasia edition was great and I hope that many people will have a chance to look at it.”  Michael Bosch, General Manager, Limestone Adventures

“We have had an excellent experience with Corporate Live Wire, contributing to the Transfer Pricing Roundtable. We are very pleased with the result, and Jake Powers has made the process of submitting and publishing our input highly efficient and flexible.”  Frank Schwarte, Founding Partner, Abel Advisory

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jake Powers. The professionalism of Jake and his team at Corporate Livewire is unparalleled. The M&A issue of the Expert Guide was excellent reading, providing invaluable information both on, and for, the sector.” Burak Ali Gul, Communications Director, IMAP

“The AM&AA team had a very positive experience in working with Jake Powers. We were impressed with the publication and professionalism of Jake Powers. We are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute. We have used the article as part of our marketing programs as the AM&AA (Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors) moves forward with its cross-global initiatives.” Diane Niederman, VP Business Development and Marketing, Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

“It is always a pleasure to work with Jake Powers from Corporate LiveWire as he is a competent contact partner, who works fast, efficient and knows his business more than well.  I’m looking forward to work with him & Corporate LiveWire in the future as we were more than satisfied with our co-operations till now especially the recent Round Table.”  Sarah Tatjana Baier, Marketing Manager, DealMarket

“It has been a repeat pleasure to work with Jake and Corporate LiveWire on the Round Table - efficient , professional and certainly beneficial both to my practice and the Isle of Man Funds Association “ Ita Mc Ardle, Chair, Isle of Man Funds Association

“I enjoyed writing an article for CorporateLiveWire on U.S. employment law for the Expert Guide. Working with Jake was extremely efficient and resulted in an article that I hope many find useful.”  Arthur B. Sternberg, Partner, Thompson Coburn.

“It was a pleasant experience working with Corporatelivewire and Jake on the Labour & Employment Law Expert Guide.  In particular, we were pleased with the professionalism, flexibility, comprehensiveness and promptness when cooperating with Corporatelivewire and Jake. Readers of the Expert Guide confirmed to us that they were impressed with the product's lay out.” Dr. Adrian W. Kammerer, Partner, Niederer Kraft & Frey

“CorporateLiveWire truly provides an in-depth approach to providing expert guidance on specific issues around the world. I was honored to work with Jake and his team on their April 2012 issue of Expert Guide: Labour and Employment Law. The team is fast, motivated, and dedicated to providing a very useful tool for employers and businesses around the world. I hope to work with them again in the future!” Brian Clifford, Partner, Waller Lansden

“It has been a great pleasure working with Corporatelivewire and with Jake Powers. Their commitment is fantastic and their adjustment to the needs and views of the practitioners is excellent. We very much appreciate their focusing on the Spanish market.”  Inigo Rubio, Partner, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira 

“The Bankruptcy & Restructuring Expert Guide serves as an effective medium to share the experience and opinions of the best brains in the industry and keep abreast with international developments.” Sumant Batra, Chairman of Kesar Dass B. & Associates and Immediate Past-President of INSOL International

“Just a note to say many thanks to John Hart and his team for the excellent cooperation and very attractive presentation of Bulgaria. A big thanks for the superb Luxury Travel Guide project with all the organisation absolutely perfect on your part.”  Alexandra Dimitrova, Managing Director, Altours BG 

“I found the service very professional and the Luxury Travel Guide was nicely designed and well presented.  I look forward to being involved in future projects with CorporateLiveWire.” Abdoulaye Diallo, Managing Director, Diallo Tours Services

“It was a pleasure working with such a professional and dedicated team. John and his design team were always very attentive and very helpful. Everything went smoothly. I have no doubt in working again with Corporate Live Wire and its De Luxe Series” Filipe Cordeiro, Managing Director, Different Portugal

“The cooperation was very pleasant with Norman on the Luxury Travel Guide. The small mistake was generously corrected and all the communication was smooth and very friendly.”  Christian Landis, Best of Switzerland Tours.    

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Norman and corporatelivewire. Real professionals always make it easy. From the beginning stage to finalizing, Norman has been a great help. We would not hesitate to work them again.”  Aydin Ayhan Guney, Argeus Tourism & Travel

"Working with Corporate LiveWire was very efficient especially the responsiveness and professionalism of the team. We look forward to future collaborations."  Anna PÅ™íhodová, Communications Officer, ALFI (Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry).

"It was a wonderful experience and pleasure working with Mr. Jake Powers and Corporate LiveWire, Jake was proactive, meticulous, responsive and a thorough professional, probably that is why I could focus on my article as I knew all the additional supplementary work are being taken care of.  The range and depth of topics covered on Corporate LiveWire is also commendable."  Mr. Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner, S.S. Rana & Co

“Jake has been very helpful and articulate. It has been a pleasure working with him.” Darshan Upadhyay, Associate Partner, Economics Law Practice, Advocates & Solicitors.

“Corporate LiveWire has proven to be an excellent publication focusing in great detail in relevant topics and legal developments worldwide. The professionalism of Jake and his ability to extract true gems is unparallel. We have been very fortunate to collaborate with him and his team.”  Marco Tulio Venegas, Partner, Von Webeser y Sierra, S.C.

"Jake Powers was immensely helpful in getting our article published in Corporate Live Wire.  He is prompt, efficient, courteous and professional.  We are happy to have had this opportunity and look forward to working together again".  Steven Warner, partner, and Kristina Mohoney, associate, Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jake on the Expert Guide – Intellectual Property.  Jake is a consummate professional who understands his product and his customers.  The final product was excellent, the pricing was right, and the entire experience was a joy.  Looking forward to next time!" Steven M. WeinbergHolmes Weinberg, PC

"It has been a pleasure working with Jake and his team at Corporate LiveWire. They bring a level of professionalism and responsiveness that is truly first rate. They understand the needs of their audience and custom-tailor content accordingly. Great things ahead!" Andrew J. ShermanJones Day

Jake has been a true gem to work with .  I would look forward to any opportunity to work with corporatelivewire and continue in this excellent effort in the future.  The interaction with corporatelivewire has been outstanding, perceptive and respectful of time pressures and commitments.”  Sheila Slocum Hollis, Partner at Duane Morris LLP

“Corporatelivewire.com has proved useful to our international law practice by publishing our article  on investment in Canadian electricity projects on its website.  We found corporatelivewire.com to be prompt, efficient and responsive.” Andrew Roman, Partner at Miller Thompson

"Corporate Live Wire promotes our business by posting some of our articles on China law on their website. We found them to be professional and very responsive to our queries." Maarten Roos, Managing Director at R&P China Lawyers

I have been pleased working with Jake and would not doubt to accept a subsequent offer to work together for a new project. His efforts to achieve the goals for this guide have been excellent and the communication has been always clear, punctual and straightforward. Congratulations!” Edmond Grieger, Senior Associate at Von Wobeser & Sierra, S.C.

“Corporate Live Wire did a terrific job putting together an interesting array of energy/environmental articles for its expert guide.  My article was well received and promoted in a professional manner.  I would look forward to other opportunities to publish works with this organization.”  Steven Miano, Shareholder at Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin.

"Corporatelivewire hit the mark by issuing the Expert Guide to Energy and Natural Resources just in line the world's increasing demands to the energy sector. The proficiency and the responsive approach of Jake made us enjoy our contribution to this issue. I would not hesitate to take the opportunity for a future cooperation." Borislava PokrassCMS Cameron McKenna LLP

Jake Powers at CorporateLiveWire has been very professional, efficient and responsive in publishing our article on renewable energy developments in Canada. We would not hesitate to work together in the future again.” Chad EggermanWMCZ 

"Jake has been a pleasure to work with, and Corporatelivewire provides high quality articles on global issues and an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience.  Bressler, Amery & Ross looks forward to partnering with Jake and Coproratelivewire on a variety of other topics impacting clients in its other practice areas." Cynthia BorrelliBressler, Amery & Ross 

CorporateLiveWire.com publishes interesting and thought-provoking articles on cutting edge legal and business issues from around the globe.  We appreciate having had the opportunity to co-author an article posted on CorporateLiveWire.com addressing environmental legal and business risks associated with shale gas exploration and development in the United States and we look forward to working with Jake Powers again in the near future.  Andrew N. Davis, Partner, and Aaron D. Levy, Associate, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP.  

“Its been a pleasure working with Jake and corporatelivewire.com. Their flexible yet professional approach allows contributors to focus on their task as all the other ancillary matters are taken care of in a highly professional manner. We hope to be able to work with corporatelivewire again in the future.”  Dr Jotham Scerri Diacon, Ganado & Associates

“It was a pleasure working with Jake on the Transportation issue of Corporate Livewire Expert Guide. He provides a good platform for the top names in the business to connect with clients and industry and keep them well informed on matters and issues of importance and interest.” Dan SoffinGates & Partners

“Our experience with Corporate Live Wire has been excellent. Jake is a great professional to work with, conjugating sound experience with flexibility and responsiveness. He has a vision about the goals that can be achieved together; therefore it is a pleasure to share your success with him.” Maria Clavarino, Ichino-Brugnatelli e Associati

Corporate Livewire provided a nice arena for our attorneys to publish our articles in, and Jake was responsive and helpful.” Claire Flaxman,Duane Morris LLP

“Absolute professionalism. Our interaction with Jake was smooth and with great communication, the result could only be outstanding.” CT Mexico. Alex Berea

"I had an excellent experience working with Jake in writing an article for the 2011 Expert Guide in Tax.  I agree with the numerous other comments about how easy he is to work with and about his very flexible and professional approach.  I could not have asked for more.”  Michael Schler, partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Corporatelivewire focuses on interesting developments in specific jurisdictions. Its recent expert tax guide includes many interesting stories and useful hints that could be used worldwide in the field of tax planning. We really enjoyed working with Jake and look forward to further cooperation.” Matej Firicky, White & Case LLP.

“Corporate Live Wire has provided quick feedback and made the process of submitting our article very convenient with our busy schedules.”  Carol Incarnacao-Schrim, Diaz Reus Attorneys 

“Jake it has been a pleasure to work with your group.  Your assistance with getting our article published was top notch.  The service you provided exceeded my expectations with respect to responsiveness and the quality of the publication.  The information provided in your overall publication is very useful.  In addition you have made it easy to use the publication on our website.  Thank you.” Norman Sims, Dobrusin Thennisch