Canadian Fertility Consulting: Shaping Canada's Fertility Landscape

Posted: 25th September 2023 12:59

Leia Swanberg’s life took a transformative turn when she, at 16, made the heart-wrenching decision to place her baby up for adoption. Witnessing her child's transition into the loving embrace of a couple yearning for a family left an indelible mark on her. The profoundness of this experience became more apparent after she birthed two of her own children, leading her to reflect on the countless potential parents who couldn’t naturally conceive.

With this empathy, Swanberg ventured into surrogacy, volunteering her womb twice for the cause. However, a lack of support marred her experiences, leaving her with a void she felt acutely throughout her surrogacy journey.

This realization became the catalyst for change;. She envisioned a holistic, comprehensive surrogacy process in Canada, one where every surrogate felt valued and supported both during and after pregnancy.

Fuelled by this vision, Swanberg founded Canadian Fertility Consulting clinic (CFC) in 2004. A modest beginning with just one employee, the firm was Swanberg’s commitment to revolutionizing family planning in Canada. She aimed to ensure that surrogates and egg donors, pivotal in weaving the fabric of many families, felt connected and comfortable throughout the process.

CFC has grown into Canada's largest fertility agency, boasting over 30 dedicated professionals. Their mission is to assist clients domestically and globally in their quest to start families. Further enhancing its bouquet of services, CFC has fostered sister firms - Egg Helpers, focusing on egg donations, and Sacred Surrogacy, a sanctuary offering wellness and mindfulness resources for surrogates, intended parents, and egg donors.

The scale of CFC’s services is vast. They cater to myriad clients, from couples grappling with infertility due to health challenges or unidentified causes to members of the LGTBQ+ community, as well as international clients navigating restrictive reproductive laws in their countries. Given Canada's rich cultural tapestry, Canadian Fertility Consulting prides itself on its diverse donor pool, reflecting the nation’s vibrant mosaic and outstanding CFC reviews.

Swanberg explained, "People from all kinds of backgrounds approach us with dreams of starting families." CFC's holistic approach encompasses legal assistance, medical consultations, and fertility treatments, culminating in the birth of a child, a beacon of hope and joy for many.

Integral to CFC's philosophy is the meticulous care and support extended to donors and surrogates. The agency emphasizes therapeutic support, optimizes pregnancy safety through exclusive single-embryo transfers, and ensures high-quality care during and after the surrogacy journey.
Yet, Swanberg’s mission transcends the provision of these services. A significant facet of CFC's ethos is to champion the conversation around surrogacy and egg donation in Canada. Swanberg states, “Surrogates and egg donors are the epitome of selflessness, helping others create their families.” The gratification derived from witnessing individuals transform into parents is beyond words for Swanberg.

Canadian Fertility Consulting’s journey, founded on compassion, commitment, and care, has redefined Canada’s fertility landscape, rendering hope and happiness to countless families.