Easy Ways To Find Out Where Someone Works in 2021

Posted: 15th September 2021 11:53

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to know where someone works. It could be for legal reasons or personal ones. There are correct ways of doing it depending on why you need that information. Here you will discover how to find out where someone works.

Personal Reasons

There are a few personal scenarios when you would need to know where someone works. Maybe they are a new friend, and you want to send them some flowers to their workplace, but you’re not sure where they work. Perhaps you’ve begun to date someone new, and they have asked you to pick them up from their workplace, but you can’t remember where they work and are too embarrassed to ask them outright. Here are some ideas to find where someone works:

Google Search 

A quick search on Google of their name can display the person and their workplace within the search results. This often happens as individuals tend to be listed as an employee on the company’s website.

Facebook/Other Social Media

On Facebook, or whichever social media you prefer, is a great way to find out where someone works. Many people put all their employment history or their current employer in their social media profiles. Some people also “check-in” when they are on shift and use the location pin on their post so you can even find the exact location of their place of work.

Specific Address Websites  

There are specific websites designed to find the exact information you are looking for about someone’s workplace and where it is located. For example, ZoomInfo is a website that searches for information about people outside their online social networks. You can even narrow your searches with location or other personal information.

Child Support

If you have an ex-partner that you might want to track down for child support, your legal team may need to find out whether they are working and, if so, where they work. Once they have this information, they can see if your ex can afford child support.

Business Reasons

Certain businesses or legal matters may require knowing where someone works; they would have their ways of finding out this information. Some common ways to do this include a government database or using a search engine such as Google.


When a company is looking to hire someone new, they or the recruiters need to know where you have previously worked. In this case, during the interview process, it is common for them to look on Facebook or LinkedIn to make sure that you did, in fact, work at that company.

Other Legal Reasons 

There are other legal reasons why you may need to find out where someone works. For example, getting married, getting a divorce, various fraud investigations, identity theft investigations would all likely need to know someone’s previous place of employment for their records. If, for any reason, they are unable or unwilling to provide such information, you may be able to find it through other legal means, such as government databases.
If you still can’t find what you are looking for, it’s probably time to consider hiring a private investigator. 

Using a Private Investigator to Find Where Someone Works

Although you would have to pay them to find out the information for you, private investigators are guaranteed to get you the best result they can. They may need personal information about the person you are trying to find the workplace for, like their name, social security number, etc. But with that information, they would be able to track down their place of employment, and likely much more too.

So whether you are looking at finding out where someone works yourself or hiring someone to help, we hope this has helped you with some options.