Four Reasons Collegiate Has the Best Student Accommodation Cardiff Has to Offer

Posted: 19th October 2018 09:16

Setting out for university can be a stressful time in the life of a student, especially when leaving for a new city and being surrounded by new sights, new people and totally unprepared for what lies ahead. Whether a student arrives from a foreign country to further their studies in Cardiff, Wales or is a UK national, student life can take some getting used to. Why not make the transition smoother? Explore your options, but it is almost guaranteed you’ll return again and again to the Collegiate website for a view of the ultimate experience in student accommodation Cardiff.

1. Conveniently Located

Just a ten to fifteen minute on foot from either the University of South Wales or the University of Cardiff, life at Collegiate’s Eclipse is ideally situated. Students from Cardiff Metropolitan will also find this a great location to enjoy some of the delights this big little city has to offer. From shopping to dining and clubbing, everything a student could possibly need or want is near enough to reach on foot or by public transport. Actually, many students prefer to stay on-site because, other than clubs, most of what they’d find in Cardiff can be enjoyed right there at Collegiate’s Eclipse.

2. Luxurious Accommodation

Surrounded by luxurious décor, life at Cardiff’s Eclipse can transform the entire university experience. While many students are crammed into student accommodation on campus, those living in the height of luxury can truly enjoy life away from home. With an on-site laundry room, there is rarely a need to leave the comfortable luxury students would have enjoyed living at home.

3. Spectacular Common Areas

However, luxury doesn’t end with student rooms. There are spectacular common areas where students from one university can network with others from other universities in Cardiff. There isn’t an area which isn’t a designer’s paradise from the private party rooms for social events to the dinner party room, students and their parents are well pleased with the elegant appeal in each and every area.

4. Wide Range of Amenities

Then there are all the amenities available to students. The party and dinner party rooms which can be reserved are just the beginning of the amenities available at the Collegiate Eclipse in Cardiff. There are:

And, that is just a sampling of what a Collegiate student can enjoy.

It is never easy moving to a new city, even if only for a year or two when at university but Collegiate helps to make the transition smooth and utterly enjoyable. Parents needn’t worry over the safety and welfare of their ‘children’ and students can find a safe harbour to study and mingle with peers. The only thing residents need bring other than their personal items and apparel would be bedding and what they would need to prepare and eat meals when dining in their personal studio. With all the benefits of living at home surrounded by luxury, life at university will be as enjoyable as it is memorable.