GAIA Insights Wins Leadership Development & Coaching Solutions of the Year

Posted: 24th April 2023 15:01

Winners in the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards
A virtual boutique firm with a global presence, GAIA Insights specialises in delivering customised leadership development solutions with long-lasting results. Established in 2012, its team is formed of hand-picked experts from all over the world who create a global network – ensuring that GAIA Insights’ services appeal to an international client base. The firm designs, develops, and delivers premium programmes that are highly personalised to its clientele, delivering premium results in the form of leaders who are authentic, inclusive, and courageous. GAIA Insights has worked with more than 3,000 people from over 30 countries thus far, using a holistic and people-centric approach to develop the leaders of today and tomorrow.
The firm’s diverse and fully-customisable programmes are based on a number of themes and produce an exceptional style of balanced and regenerative leaders, whilst GAIA Insights also offers on-going coaching, expert consultancy, and project support. Its stellar reputation has been formed on the back of its superb feedback, where its average programme score is rated 9.1 out of 10. GAIA Insight’s alumni complete their programmes feeling ready to thrive in the professional world and achieve their business goals. 94% felt that the innovative training helped them improve employee engagement and the corporate culture within their business, whilst 93% of the alumni believed that as leaders, they became more self-aware, agile, and resilient.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the company’s creative approach to leadership development and its ability to transform participants. GAIA Insights has reimagined leadership, supporting organisations as a whole to develop leaders from within. The knowledge of its international team ensures a diverse approach that can be tailored to each business and individual, nurturing their natural leadership skills to inspire transformation. GAIA Insights’ innate creativity is outlined by its latest tool, The Legend of the Teal Ocean – the world’s first point-and-click adventure game that has been exclusively designed to develop leadership skills at the user’s pace. Resources in a knowledge library complement the game play, and users take a short assessment quiz after each level which generates insights into their personal development opportunities.
98% of GAIA Insights alumni would recommend the firm’s leadership programmes to others.