Getting a Masters in Computer Science and Advancing Your Career

Posted: 5th July 2021 08:23

Over time you can get stuck in a career rut; you can get easily and quickly left behind if you do not push yourself forwards and advance your education. Competition for jobs within computer science and data science is tough, and even though your existing skills and experience will be valuable, it might not be enough to get that promotion you have been after, or it might not help you take the leap up the next rung of the career ladder. On the other hand, constant learning and development are positive and will always be seen in a good light by prospective employers. So, now that you are aware of what needs to be done, where should you be starting the process, and what should you be thinking about and focusing on.

Analyzing Where You Are at Within Your Career Right Now

You know you need to make a move; you feel like you are stuck and stagnant, so firstly, you need to look at where your career is right now and, most importantly, where you want it to be. It is easy to get stuck in a job or role that is comfortable, and sometimes change can be difficult, but if you can see an end goal or target in sight, you know that change is necessary and relevant.

Knowing it is the Right Time for Progression and Movement

If you are not being tested, and you are not being pushed, and you pretty much know what to expect each day, then you should make a move. When you go to work, you have to be excited, interested, and passionate about what you are doing, or you will not enjoy it and will end up negatively consuming you. So, take a step back and look at your average workday and ask yourself are you getting anything out of your job other than a paycheck at the end of the month? Does each day start and leave you full of dread? When you ask yourself honest questions and give honest answers, you will ascertain whether or not you are ready for progression and movement.

Studying and Learning from Home

If you have ever asked yourself questions about your current role and whether or not you are being fulfilled within the role then you know it's time to make a change. Getting an online Masters in data science will help you make that change and will open up new opportunities that might not have been accessible to you before. The major benefit of getting your Masters online is the ease and accessibility. You can study and learn at a convenient and suitable time, and you can balance when you study with other commitments.

Why You Need a Master’s Degree

When you gained your degree, you knew roughly what career or job you wanted to get, and that was enough, but now you know what specific role you want to push for, and you know what skills and knowledge you need, such as big data analytics, or data visualization and this is where you will find a Masters more than beneficial. You know the competition is fierce, and you know that expertise is required, and without this expertise or specialism, you will most certainly get overlooked when seeking jobs, as preference will always go to those who have the specialist skills required for the job.

Fitting Studying into Your Lifestyle

It can sound difficult, but you can fit studying into your current lifestyle with a bit of practice and persistence. You can make the switch easier, especially when you think of the benefits you will get at the end of earning your Masters. You may need to make temporary sacrifices and compromises to ensure that your studies take priority, but within a short period of time, you will see that these compromises are worth it as you received better pay, a more challenging role, and more enjoyment out of a new role that you have got with thanks to your hard work, determination, and Masters.

Carrying on Working Even When Studying

Although it will be tiring, you can carry on working while studying, but you will need to establish a balance, and you will most likely have to reduce the hours you do so that you can accommodate studying with relative ease. To successfully work and study at the same time, you must find a balance, and you must maintain some downtime. If you do not find a balance as quickly as possible, then you will struggle to juggle the demands of everything you need to do, and ultimately your future success and progression would be affected.

Careers Advancement – Where Can You Go?

Perhaps you know what you roughly want to do in the next stage of your career, or perhaps you want to keep your options a little bit more open and flexible. The major benefit of a Masters is that you can open up opportunities and roles that may not have been accessible before. For example, you may have thought about roles such as Director of Data Science or Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist, but now with a Masters to your name, you will be able to go for these roles and get the career that you deserve.

Landing a New Job or a Pay Rise

With a Masters you have the knowledge and expertise to go for that dream career or pay rise, and all you need to do now is land that job. You need to ensure that your resume is up to do date and as professional-looking as it can be. Unnecessary waffle or drivel is not required, so reduce and compound your resume to ensure that it is highly effective and targeted. Ensure that your skills, knowledge, and experience are highlighted at all times.
To find a new job, you need to keep your options open, sign up for notifications, utilize networking, and utilize specialist recruiters.