Give Your Business a Kicktart With the S Pen

Posted: 15th October 2015 10:49

One of the first digital stylus pens to hit the market was the Simon Personal Communicator. The year was 1993 and this cutting-edge phone offered paging, email, a pen-based sketchpad, a calendar app and a monochrome touch screen ability. In comparison to today's PDAs and smartphones competing in the mainstream marketplace, the Simon resembles a black brick.

We’ve come a long way since sending pages and doodling on the Simon. One of the latest phablets to hit the market is Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 that comes with a stylus pen. It has new features and updates since the Note 4 and is ready to get down to business. Here are some of the best ways businesspeople use the S Pen.
Annotate PDFs

You don’t need to print out a contract or use a third-party app like Hello Sign to fill out contracts and sign them. The Note5's S Pen has the ability to annotate your PDFs and other images, so you can keep working on the go. Review specs and proposals on the generous 5.7-inch screen, and jot down notes with the S Pen to send along to your colleagues. Get feedback and start collaborating with the help of a few handwritten notes.

Take Notes

We’ve already seen how the S Pen can annotate PDFs, but you can also skip the sticky notes and just use your Galaxy Note5 instead. Simply pull out the S Pen and start writing directly on the screen without physically turning it on. The Note knows you want it to turn on when you remove the pen and does all the work for you. Samsung also listened to the complaints of its customers and resolved the latency and dragging issues in the Note 4. Now you can take notes in the Note5 without digital ink being spread and compromising your work.

Use Microsoft Office Suite

Leave the laptop at the office and rely on the Microsoft Office Suite instead. Start working on spreadsheets, annotate a PDF or integrate a photo you took with the 16-megapixel camera into a presentation. And unlike the Note 4, you can tuck away the Stylus Pen in the Note5, so it sits flush without getting in the way when you don’t need it.

Share Information

Sharing information is lightning fast with Smart Select. Use the S Pen to grab information you need, like an address, and send it to Google Maps to look up directions before sharing it with a client. This feature also comes in handy if you're video conferencing with a colleague and want to send over just a snippet of a presentation or an image to get fast feedback.

Create 3-D Drawings

Whether you’re taking photos in the field or want to shoot over a product picture, the Note5's S Pen lets you edit your images before you hit send. The 2,000 different touch points on the Note5 make it a no-brainer for visual artists, architects and anyone who relies on visual presentations.

The variety of creative apps available make it easy to draw and share on the go. AutoCad 360 allows for complete viewing, editing and sharing of your 3-D AutoCAD drawings from anywhere. Sketch in shapes, edit images and annotate what you're working on. The completed design can be reviewed and opened for collaboration before your next meeting.