How can Your Business take MOTO Payments?

Posted: 7th June 2017 11:27

Offering your customers several ways to pay for your products or services goes a long way to ensuring they can pay in the way that’s most convenient for them. However, some people don’t like to enter their credit card information online and they aren’t comfortable with using a service like PayPal. If that’s the case in your business, you can circumvent the problem of losing a customer by offering MOTO payments.

What Is MOTO?

MOTO or Mail Order/Telephone Order, is a type of card-not-present transaction in which services are paid for and delivered via telephone, mail, fax, or internet communication. Your business may have off-line outlets / POS terminals (Points of Sale) as well as online outlets, so accepting payment details over the phone and processing them via the Virtual Terminal service may be preferred for those outlets.
For instance, with Internet sales you can offer your shoppers a choice over how they pay, and this may help make a sale to those who are wary of paying over the Internet via website payment pages.

How Does It Work?

You should always use the Virtual Terminal service for transactions of this kind, rather than use your own website's payment pages to enter cardholder details as if you were the shopper.  Any card that you can accept with Worldpay through your website shop can be accepted using the Virtual Terminal service. Processing charges are also the same.

Before You Get Started

What will you need to do so as to be able to offer MOTO to your customers? Before you apply for a MOTO merchant account, you will need to prepare your website at which you would like to accept such card payment method according to the requirements of Visa and Masterpayment: put the clear listing of products/services with prices and prepare your Terms of Service accordingly (mentioning that MOTO is one of the possible ways of taking orders). Thanks to that, your customers could enter your website from any computer, choose the product/service they need and then call you or e-mail you in order to finalize their order.

The Prep Process

Before you can use this service, you must open an account for your standard Worldpay payments service, and your website must be up and running. You can apply for a Virtual Terminal service account at the same time as you apply for your Worldpay account, or you can apply for it afterwards, when your website is trading.
If you apply at the same time as you apply for a standard account, you will be sent login details along with your standard account details. You can begin using the service as soon as your website is live.
If you apply afterwards you will be sent login details when you apply, and when you receive them you will need to activate the service before you can go live and begin using it.

How Do I Keep My Info Safe?

You may keep records of card details but you should ensure that these records are kept in a secure environment. For instance, paper records should be kept in a secure filing cabinet or safe. You should only keep computer-based records if your system is very secure.

Processing Package

Who Should Use It?

A MOTO merchant account is great for travel and accommodation rental services, catering companies, florists, take-out restaurants, online product sellers and small companies located at home, where no physical swipe of a card through a terminal is possible. It is also a perfect way of selling for companies doing international transactions.
If you have accepted orders via phone so far and these have been paid by bank transfer (let’s say 50% of your orders), you could consider spreading your sale activity to credit and debit cards, involving MOTO. The customer could call and place an order. The responsible person on your end would enter all the order details into the special form and process the transaction. It will also save you a lot of time processing orders from non-online channels. Moreover, it will improve your service by keeping online and offline orders all together.