How casino cruises make money

Posted: 22nd June 2020 09:21

In recent years, both the gambling industry and the cruise ship business have experienced a boom in popularity.
This is hardly a surprise because many people love to relax by gambling and perhaps just as many enjoy to travel in their off time. However, the concept of casino cruises is relatively new and is already seeing plenty of interest. By combining these two hugely popular industries, casino cruises manage to make a unique experience that attracts a broad demographic.
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In this article, we will take a look at how casino cruises make money, as well as how they function and what guests can expect on a casino cruise.
So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first item on our list of casino cruise key elements.

How do casino cruises make money?

Essentially, a casino cruise makes money in much the same way as a regular casino. Players head to the slot machines, tables and more to bet money and, hopefully, win big. Of course, this can’t happen every time and so the house (in this case the casino cruise) will likely see some profit over time.
The main difference between normal casinos and casino cruises is that casino cruises only tend to allow gambling at certain times of the day, whereas Las Vegas casinos run 24/7. What’s more, casino cruises can make money through other services such as guests paying for accommodation, food, drink and other services, much like a casino resort in Vegas or Atlantic City.

How do casino cruises differ from regular casinos?

As we have covered the main difference is that casino cruises tend to offer gambling at certain times rather than all the time. For example, casinos usually close when the ship is in port and close during the mornings.
Another key difference between casino cruises and land casinos is the age of play. In Las Vegas, for example, players must be 21 to play. However, if you want to gamble on a casino cruise, you only need to be 18! Great news for those aspiring young punters who feel hard done by in the US!
Other key differences between land and sea casinos include the fact that the range of games tends to be smaller because of less space being available on cruises. What’s more, cruise ships offer low minimums which is ideal if you’re just starting out or even if you are a seasoned gambler just looking to have a little fun rather than bring down the house!
Other ways in which the two differ are the fact that free drinks services are not really a thing on casino cruises because this is a key way that they make money. Sorry for all you hopeful boozers! On the plus side, some casino cruises do still permit smoking in the onboard casino, which for many is a major positive!