How The Food Industry Is Helping The US Economy

Posted: 18th September 2015 14:58

You probably thought that the food industry aiding the US economy was a given, after all we trade with 150 countries worldwide when it comes to produce but recently there has been an emphasis on self sufficiency within the country and buying local.
However, this in turn is only going to boost the economy, create more work for farmers and caterer jobs, as well as ensuring we are working to produce the tastiest goods for the country.
The food and beverage industry has already increased its total income by 5.3% this year, in June, and the organic market alone has pushed spending up to $1.4m a week on the premium food products. Restaurants and coffee shops are also contributing to the UK economy, with many increasing their income by 7.1%.
The Government is also working to create Food Enterprise Zones (FEZs), which serve to boost Britain’s food industry, which will of course support the UK economy. These zones provide grants of up to £50,000 to food producers up and down the country who want to increase their turnout, find new local suppliers and distributors or improve their product and in turn benefit the economy with sales. Efficiency is important when it comes to the food industry and these (FEZs) hope to maximise production while benefitting local people.