How to become a professional dancer

Posted: 13th January 2017 10:44

Do you want to become a professional dancer?You should research what it takes to be a professional dancer and know more about the training requirements, job outlook, and salary to see if it is the job for you.

What kind of dancer can you be?

Dance has many styles, including modern, jazz, hip-hop, and folk. Moreover, differing opportunities await dancers in each of these fields. If your dream is to dance for a well-known company, you should learn ballet, modern, or jazz.
However, if you just want to be a backup dancer for a singer, you might want to focus on hip-hop or contemporary dance. A successful dancer needs to be well rounded, with skills in a number of dance genres. If you can easily switch from tap to ballroom dancing, you might be able to secure work on a regular basis.

What are the requirements for training?

Although you can get a dancing job without having any formal education, a training program will give you the chance to learn different styles from different instructors. Many professional dancers usually start training between the ages of 5 and 15. You need to start early because it takes years to develop the muscle strength necessary to turn dancing into a profession.
You could pursue a master’s or bachelor’s degree in an institution of higher learning such as a university or a college. Your instructor will ask you to buydancewearto make the process of learning how to dance easier.

How do I get enough experience to land a job?

Relocating to a city that focuses mainly on entertainment will give you more opportunities to find a job. That being said, you can get a job anywhere if you study ballet and theater. You just need to start volunteering to perform at dance shows and festivals.
You should consider looking for auditions in newspapers, professional dance sites, and online dance sites. You need to show up at auditions with a headshot and resume.
In addition, you might want to consider hiring an agent to represent you – he/she might be able to get you auditions that are more exclusive and provide you with opportunities that you might not have known about.

What qualifications do I need to become a professional dancer?

Although the career of a professional dancer might seem glamorous, getting to that point requires nothing but hard work. A dancer should be athletic, dedicated, and have the psychological stamina to hang onto their career from a young age into adulthood.
Here are the qualifications that you need to become a professional dancer:
Age – dancers need to start training at a very young age if they want to become great. Due to the physical demands of being a dancer, the career is short. Therefore, the earlier you start, the longer your career will be.
Physical demands – a dancer needs to be in top shape to make it in the industry. You should have physical stamina to dance for a long time and impeccable balance.
Personality – professional dancers should have the emotional fortitude to endure competition and criticism. You might face many rejections before you are accepted into any role. Hence, you need to have a strong personality and the persistence to go through it without giving up.
Training – you do not need a college education to be a dancer. If you have ambition, you can start taking classes at a local school and transfer to a better-known school by the time you are a teen.
Are you an aspiring dancer? You need to be tenacious if you want to survive in the dance industry.