How To Cater For Your Work Functions

Posted: 13th August 2018 08:34

You don’t need an excuse to throw a party if it’s Christmas, the end of the financial year, or if you’re rejoicing in the glory of securing a new contract, a party is a party, and they can help to cement friendships, strengthen company relationships, and boost staff morale. When you’re busy planning a work function, remember to spend time deciding how you’re going to go about catering for the event by taking the time to look around at different companies, what they provide, and whetheror not they’re well equipped to cater for special diets like coeliac, vegan, vegetarian, and nut allergies, for example.

Choose The Right Company

Make sure that you have a good look around before settling on the company you want to cater for you. Begin the search ahead of time, and be sure to speak to them directly, sort a date, and plan the ins and outs of getting the food to you, delivery, and timing. Some food catering businesses have been running for years and know exactly how to deliver the results you’re looking for, so be clever in your approach to looking and consider having a seasonal menu, as well as having organic recipes, and avant-garde spreads to keep everyone happy. 

Set a Budget

This step is important, as it’s going to make sure that you don’t overspend. Set a maximum budget before you start, but make sure that you’ve had a look around to browse catering companies and entertainment so that the limit you set is realistic. Be sure not to set your budget too low as this could result in the work function being below par with substandard food, poor entertainment, and general lack of enthusiasm from your staff cohort. Make sure that all those helping to arrange the function are aware of the budget, as this way you shouldn’t get a shock as invoices are submitted and received a few weeks down the line. 

Check Dietary Requirements

Ask the entire workforce to fill in a form detailing whether they have any allergies and intolerances, and their preferred option for the food. Your catering company should be able to comply with your requests, and if some allergies are particularly severe, you might have to request for the food to be cooked, prepared, and distributed from different premises so as not to risk contamination.


You can either choose to have your catering company take full charge of all the food requirements, or you can have some fun when it comes to the dessert menu. For this, all you need to do is to ask members of staff to create a series of small puddings recipes so that the entire team can sample each other’s creations. Why not make it a competition to encourage healthy rivalry between the team and offer a prize for some of the tastiest desserts brought to the table? Since the function is revolved around food and entertainment, why not offer a voucher for two to attend a fancy restaurant in an up-market part of town, or to attend a healthy living cooking class? Remember to let your staff know that you care for them, their happiness, and their health.